FEDORA-2022-177380aadb created by rathann a year ago for Fedora 36
  • s2: Improve coding for long, close matches by @klauspost in #613
  • s2c: Add Snappy/S2 stream recompression by @klauspost in #611
  • zstd: Use configured block size by @klauspost in #605
  • zstd: Fix incorrect hash table placement for dict encoding in default by @klauspost in #606
  • zstd: Apply default config to ZipDecompressor without options by @klauspost in #608
  • gzhttp: Exclude more common archive formats by @klauspost in #612
  • s2: Add ReaderIgnoreCRC by @klauspost in #609
  • s2: Remove sanity load on index creation by @klauspost in #607
  • snappy: Use dedicated function for scoring by @klauspost in #614
  • s2c+s2d: Use official snappy framed extension by @klauspost in #610
  • s2: Add concurrent stream decompression by @klauspost in #602
  • s2: Fix final emit oob read crash on amd64 by @klauspost in #601
  • huff0: asm implementation of Decompress1X by @WojciechMula in #596
  • zstd: Use 1 less goroutine for stream decoding by @klauspost in #588
  • zstd: Copy literal in 16 byte blocks when possible by @klauspost in #592
  • zstd: Speed up when WithDecoderLowmem(false) by @klauspost in #599
  • zstd: faster next state update in BMI2 version of decode by @WojciechMula in #593
  • huff0: Do not check max size when reading table. by @klauspost in #586
  • flate: Inplace hashing for level 7-9 by @klauspost in #590

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sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2022-177380aadb

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