FEDORA-2022-0f1e3e841a created by distrobuildsync-eln/ a year ago for Fedora ELN

Automatic update for selinux-policy-37.9-1.eln121.

* Thu Aug 11 2022 Zdenek Pytela <> - 37.9-1
- Allow nm-dispatcher custom plugin dbus chat with nm
- Allow nm-dispatcher sendmail plugin get status of systemd services
- Allow xdm read the kernel key ring
- Allow login_userdomain check status of mount units
- Allow postfix/smtp and postfix/virtual read kerberos key table
- Allow services execute systemd-notify
- Do not allow login_userdomain use sd_notify()
- Allow launch-xenstored read filesystem sysctls
- Allow systemd-modules-load write to /dev/kmsg and send a message to syslogd
- Allow openvswitch fsetid capability
- Allow openvswitch use its private tmpfs files and dirs
- Allow openvswitch search tracefs dirs
- Allow pmdalinux read files on an nfsd filesystem
- Allow winbind-rpcd write to winbind pid files
- Allow networkmanager to signal unconfined process
- Allow systemd_hostnamed label /run/systemd/* as hostnamed_etc_t
- Allow samba-bgqd get a printer list
- fix(init.fc): Fix section description
- Allow fedora-third-party read the passwords file
- Remove permissive domain for rhcd_t
- Allow pmie read network state information and network sysctls
- Revert "Dontaudit domain the fowner capability"
- Allow sysadm_t to run bpftool on the userdomain attribute
- Add the userdom_prog_run_bpf_userdomain() interface
- Allow insights-client rpm named file transitions
- Add /var/tmp/insights-archive to insights_client_filetrans_named_content

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