FEDORA-2022-0ab8bfa086 created by jforbes a year ago for Fedora 37

Automatic update for kernel-5.19.0-0.rc7.20220719gitca85855bdcae.54.fc37.

* Tue Jul 19 2022 Fedora Kernel Team <> [5.19.0-0.rc7.ca85855bdcae.53]
- arm64: config: Enable DRM_V3D (Nicolas Saenz Julienne)
- ARM: configs: Enable DRM_V3D (Peter Robinson)
- ARM: dts: bcm2711: Enable V3D (Peter Robinson)
- drm/v3d: Add support for bcm2711 (Peter Robinson)
- drm/v3d: Get rid of pm code (Peter Robinson)
- dt-bindings: gpu: v3d: Add BCM2711's compatible (Peter Robinson)
- soc: bcm: bcm2835-power: Bypass power_on/off() calls (Nicolas Saenz Julienne)
- soc: bcm: bcm2835-power: Add support for BCM2711's RPiVid ASB (Stefan Wahren)
- soc: bcm: bcm2835-power: Resolve ASB register macros (Stefan Wahren)
- soc: bcm: bcm2835-power: Refactor ASB control (Stefan Wahren)
- mfd: bcm2835-pm: Add support for BCM2711 (Stefan Wahren)
- mfd: bcm2835-pm: Use 'reg-names' to get resources (Nicolas Saenz Julienne)
- ARM: dts: bcm2711: Use proper compatible in PM/Watchdog node (Nicolas Saenz Julienne)
- ARM: dts: bcm2835/bcm2711: Introduce reg-names in watchdog node (Nicolas Saenz Julienne)
- dt-bindings: soc: bcm: bcm2835-pm: Add support for bcm2711 (Stefan Wahren)
- dt-bindings: soc: bcm: bcm2835-pm: Introduce reg-names (Nicolas Saenz Julienne)
- dt-bindings: soc: bcm: bcm2835-pm: Convert bindings to DT schema (Nicolas Saenz Julienne)
- drm: Prevent drm_copy_field() to attempt copying a NULL pointer (Javier Martinez Canillas)
- drm: Use size_t type for len variable in drm_copy_field() (Javier Martinez Canillas)
- fedora: enable BCM_NET_PHYPTP (Peter Robinson)
- net: phy: Add support for 1PPS out and external timestamps (Jonathan Lemon)
- net: phy: broadcom: Add PTP support for some Broadcom PHYs. (Jonathan Lemon)
- net: phy: broadcom: Add Broadcom PTP hooks to bcm-phy-lib (Jonathan Lemon)
- Fedora 5.19 configs update part 2 (Justin M. Forbes)
- redhat/Makefile: Change fedora BUILD_TARGET (Prarit Bhargava)
- New configs in security/keys (Fedora Kernel Team)
- Fedora: arm: enable a pair of drivers (Peter Robinson)

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sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2022-0ab8bfa086

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