flite-2.2-1.fc36 and speech-dispatcher-0.10.2-6.fc36

FEDORA-2021-fb67e64753 created by rathann 2 years ago for Fedora 36

Major flite update. Changelog:

New in 2.2 (Oct 2018)

  • Better grapheme support (Wilderness Languages) hundreds of new languages

New in 2.1 (Oct 2017)

  • Improved Indic front end support (thanks to Suresh Bazaj @ Hear2Read)
  • 18 English Voices (various accents)
  • 12 Indian Voices (Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Panjabi Tamil and Telugu) usually with bilingual (with English) support
  • Can do byteswap architectures [again] (ar9331 yun arduino, zsun etc)
  • flitecheck front-end test suite
  • grapheme based festvox builds give working flitevox voices
  • SAPI support for CG voices (thanks to Alok Parlikar @ Cobalt Speech and Language INC)
  • gcc 6.x support
  • .flitevox files (and models) 40% of previous size, but same quality

New in 2.0.0 (Dec 2014)

  • Indic language support (Hindi, Tamil and Telugu)
  • SSML support
  • CG voices as files accessilble by file:/// and http:// (and set of 13 voices to load)
  • random forest (multimodel support) improves voice quality
  • Supports diffrent sample rates/mgc order to tune for speed
  • Kal diphone 500K smaller
  • Fixed lots of API issues
  • thread safe (again) [after initialization]
  • Generalized tokenstreams (used in Bard Storyteller)
  • simple-Pulseaudio support
  • Companion multilingual ebook reader Bard Storyteller

New in 1.4.1 (March 2010)

  • better ssml support (actually does something)
  • better clunit support (smaller)

New in 1.4 (December 2009)

  • crude multi-voice selection support (may change)
  • 4 basic voices are included 3 clustergen (awb, rms and slt) plus the kal diphone database
  • CMULEX now uses maximum onset for syllabification
  • alsa support
  • Clustergen support (including mlpg with mixed excitation) But is still slow on limited processors
  • Speed-ups in feature interpretation limiting calls to alloc
  • Speed-ups (and fixes) for converting clunits festvox voices

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2021-fb67e64753

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