FEDORA-2021-d726b9a496 created by onosek 2 years ago for Fedora 36

Automatic update for rpkg-1.63-1.fc36.

* Tue Aug 24 2021 Dominik Rumian <> - 1.63-1
- Do not download unused sources during command 'sources' - #559 (oturpe)
- Added 'x-pkg verrel' for containers - #547 (jkunstle)
- container-build: improve help text for --signing-intent argument (kdreyer)
- Make sure all commits have a proper subject (sgallagh)
- Fix unittest for previous commit (onosek)
- better new-sources output when all sources already exist Fixes: #533 JIRA:
  RHELCMP-5529 (drumian)
- Added 'remote' to rpkg from rhpkg - 439 (jkunstle)
- Add --offline cli argument for new-sources (oturpe)
- Tests: Fix setting branch name with old git (nils)
- Add and augment tests for rpmautospec (nils)
- Reflect 1.fc36
- Preprocess spec files using rpmautospec features (nils)
- Detect generic use of rpmautospec features (nils)
- Fix remaining Python3 SafeConfigParser warnings (nils)
- Tests: specify branch name on `git init` (nils)
- Remove leftover deprecated arguments (abisoi)
- Remove deprecated arguments --dist and --module-name (abisoi)
- Skip NVR check if the 1.fc36
- Don't access unset variable (nils)
- Improve help in fedpkg clone command - #367 (abisoi)
- Fix rpkg container-build ignoring values when same argument is specified
  multiple times - #537 (abisoi)
- list-side-tags: show creator of the tag - 358 (onosek)
- Drop Python 2.6 support (onosek)
- Enable flatpak tests that require libmodulemd (onosek)
- Added <package name>.rpmlintrc to the list of files ignored by fedpkg import
  - rhbz#1946688 (abisoi)
- Jenkins unittests run in docker container (onosek)
- Add support for side tag suffix (lsedlar)
- Check whether sources file is not a directory - #541 (onosek)
- Add config option for writing dist-git build results to a subdirectory
- ca cert was removed on koji-1.24.0 (sergio)
- Improve automatic test suite (oturpe)
- Better hint when running 'prep' on detached branch - rhbz#1907964 (onosek)
- Update description of the clean command - rhbz#1909461 (onosek)
- Add --skip-nvr-check to the scratch-build command - rhbz#1671012 (onosek)

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2021-d726b9a496

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