FEDORA-2021-ca2c009f04 created by remi 3 years ago for Fedora 33

Redis 6.0.10 Released Tue Jan 12 16:20:20 IST 2021

Upgrade urgency MODERATE: several bugs with moderate impact are fixed, Here is a comprehensive list of changes in this release compared to 6.0.9.

Command behavior changes:

  • SWAPDB invalidates WATCHed keys (#8239)
  • SORT command behaves differently when used on a writable replica (#8283)
  • EXISTS should not alter LRU (#8016) In Redis 5.0 and 6.0 it would have touched the LRU/LFU of the key.
  • OBJECT should not reveal logically expired keys (#8016) Will now behave the same TYPE or any other non-DEBUG command.
  • GEORADIUS[BYMEMBER] can fail with -OOM if Redis is over the memory limit (#8107)

Other behavior changes:

  • Sentinel: Fix missing updates to the config file after SENTINEL SET command (#8229)
  • CONFIG REWRITE is atomic and safer, but requires write access to the config file's folder (#7824, #8051) This change was already present in 6.0.9, but was missing from the release notes.

Bug fixes with compatibility implications (bugs introduced in Redis 6.0):

  • Fix RDB CRC64 checksum on big-endian systems (#8270) If you're using big-endian please consider the compatibility implications with RESTORE, replication and persistence.
  • Fix wrong order of key/value in Lua's map response (#8266) If your scripts use redis.setresp() or return a map (new in Redis 6.0), please consider the implications.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix an issue where a forked process deletes the parent's pidfile (#8231)
  • Fix crashes when enabling io-threads-do-reads (#8230)
  • Fix a crash in redis-cli after executing cluster backup (#8267)
  • Handle output buffer limits for module blocked clients (#8141) Could result in a module sending reply to a blocked client to go beyond the limit.
  • Fix setproctitle related crashes. (#8150, #8088) Caused various crashes on startup, mainly on Apple M1 chips or under instrumentation.
  • Backup/restore cluster mode keys to slots map for repl-diskless-load=swapdb (#8108) In cluster mode with repl-diskless-load, when loading failed, slot map wouldn't have been restored.
  • Fix oom-score-adj-values range, and bug when used in config file (#8046) Enabling setting this in the config file in a line after enabling it, would have been buggy.
  • Reset average ttl when empty databases (#8106) Just causing misleading metric in INFO
  • Disable rehash when Redis has child process (#8007) This could have caused excessive CoW during BGSAVE, replication or AOFRW.
  • Further improved ACL algorithm for picking categories (#7966) Output of ACL GETUSER is now more similar to the one provided by ACL SETUSER.
  • Fix bug with module GIL being released prematurely (#8061) Could in theory (and rarely) cause multi-threaded modules to corrupt memory.
  • Reduce effect of client tracking causing feedback loop in key eviction (#8100)
  • Fix cluster access to unaligned memory (SIGBUS on old ARM) (#7958)
  • Fix saving of strings larger than 2GB into RDB files (#8306)

Additional improvements:

  • Avoid wasteful transient memory allocation in certain cases (#8286, #5954)

Platform / toolchain support related improvements:

  • Fix crash log registers output on ARM. (#8020)
  • Add a check for an ARM64 Linux kernel bug (#8224) Due to the potential severity of this issue, Redis will print log warning on startup.
  • Raspberry build fix. (#8095)

New configuration options:

  • oom-score-adj-values config can now take absolute values (besides relative ones) (#8046)

Module related fixes:

  • Moved RMAPI_FUNC_SUPPORTED so that it's usable (#8037)
  • Improve timer accuracy (#7987)
  • Allow '\0' inside of result of RM_CreateStringPrintf (#6260)

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2021-ca2c009f04

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Works just fine with python-redis and oraculum

This update can be pushed to stable now if the maintainer wishes

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