FEDORA-2021-a615cb87aa created by remi 3 years ago for Fedora 34

Redis 6.2.2 - Released Mon April 19 19:00:00 IST 2021

Upgrade urgency: HIGH, if you're using ACL and pub/sub, CONFIG REWRITE, or suffering from performance regression. see below.

Bug fixes for regressions in previous releases of Redis 6.2:

  • Fix BGSAVE, AOFRW, and replication slowdown due to child reporting CoW (#8645)
  • Fix short busy loop when timer event is about to fire (#8764)
  • Fix default user, overwritten and reset users losing pubsub channel permissions (#8723)
  • Fix config rewrite with an empty save config resulsing in default save values (#8719)
  • Fix not starting on alpine/libmusl without IPv6 (#8655)
  • Fix issues with propagation and MULTI/EXEC in modules (#8617) Several issues around nested calls and thread safe contexts

Bug fixes that are only applicable to previous releases of Redis 6.2:

  • ACL Pub/Sub channels permission handling for save/load scenario (#8794)
  • Fix early rejection of PUBLISH inside MULTI-EXEC transaction (#8534)
  • Fix missing SLOWLOG records for blocked commands (#8632)
  • Allow RESET command during busy scripts (#8629)
  • Fix some error replies were not counted on stats (#8659)

Bug fixes:

  • Add a timeout mechanism for replicas stuck in fullsync (#8762)
  • Process HELLO command even if the default user has no permissions (#8633)
  • Client issuing a long running script and using a pipeline, got disconnected (#8715)
  • Fix script kill to work also on scripts that use pcall (#8661)
  • Fix list-compress-depth may compress more node than required (#8311)
  • Fix redis-cli handling of rediss:// URL scheme (#8705)
  • Cluster: Skip unnecessary check which may prevent failure detection (#8585)
  • Cluster: Fix hang manual failover when replica just started (#8651)
  • Sentinel: Fix info-refresh time field before sentinel get first response (#8567)
  • Sentinel: Fix possible crash on failed connection attempt (#8627)
  • Systemd: Send the readiness notification when a replica is ready to accept connections (#8409)

Command behavior changes:

  • ZADD: fix wrong reply when INCR used with GT/LT which blocked the update (#8717) It was responding with the incremented value rather than nil
  • XAUTOCLAIM: fix response to return the next available id as the cursor (#8725) Previous behavior was retuning the last one which was already scanned
  • XAUTOCLAIM: fix JUSTID to prevent incrementing delivery_count (#8724)

New config options:

  • Add cluster-allow-replica-migration config option (#5285)
  • Add replica-announced config option (#8653)
  • Add support for plaintext clients in TLS cluster (#8587)
  • Add support for reading encrypted keyfiles (#8644)


  • Fix performance regression in BRPOP on Redis 6.0 (#8689)
  • Avoid adding slowlog entries for config with sensitive data (#8584)
  • Improve redis-cli non-binary safe string handling (#8566)
  • Optimize CLUSTER SLOTS reply (#8541)
  • Handle remaining fsync errors (#8419)

Info fields and introspection changes:

  • Strip % sign from current_fork_perc info field (#8628)
  • Fix RSS memory info on FreeBSD (#8620)
  • Fix client_recent_max_input/output_buffer in 'INFO CLIENTS' when all clients drop (#8588)
  • Fix invalid master_link_down_since_seconds in info replication (#8785)

Platform and deployment-related changes:

  • Fix FreeBSD <12.x builds (#8603)


  • Add macros for RedisModule_log logging levels (#4246)
  • Add RedisModule_GetAbsExpire / RedisModule_SetAbsExpire (#8564)
  • Add a module type for key space notification (#8759)
  • Set module eviction context flag only in masters (#8631)
  • Fix unusable RedisModule_IsAOFClient API (#8596)
  • Fix missing EXEC on modules propagation after failed EVAL execution (#8654)
  • Fix edge-case when a module client is unblocked (#8618)

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2021-a615cb87aa

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