coq-8.13.2-1.fc35, flocq-3.4.0-6.fc35, & 7 more

FEDORA-2021-988974303a created by jjames 3 years ago for Fedora 35

Changes in coq 8.13.2:

  • Fix crash when using vm_compute on an irreducible PArray.set
  • Fix crash when loading .vo files containing a vm_compute normalized primitive array
  • Fix Ltac2.Array.init computational complexity

Changes in ocaml-dose3 6.1:

Changes in ocaml-menhir 20210310:

  • Menhir now detects and rejects grammars that have a cycle and grammars that exhibit hidden left recursion. A grammar has a cycle when a nonterminal symbol A expands (in one or more steps) to itself. This implies that the grammar is ambiguous. A grammar has hidden left recursion when a nonterminal symbol A expands (in one step) to B beta, where B expands (in zero or more steps) to nothing and beta expands (in zero or more steps) to A .... This implies that the grammar is not in the class LR(k) for any value of k. Both of these anomalies create a shift/reduce conflict which, if resolved in favor of reduction, leads to a nonterminating parser.
  • Disallow the escape sequence \n in a token alias. It was allowed by mistake. Disallowing it ensures that the ## Concrete syntax: comments generated as part of .messages files fit on a single line.
  • Internal changes in the expansion of %inline symbols, eliminating certain useless variable renamings that would appear in semantic actions after expansion.
  • Internal changes in the code back-end, eliminating certain useless bindings of variables to a unit value.

Changes in ocaml-menhir 20210419:

  • Mention the demo coq-minicalc in the manual.
  • Parsers generated with the Coq mode now have support for non-certified basic error reporting without an additional parser. This is supported thanks to an extension of the return type parse_result in the coq-menhirlib library and thanks to the new generated helper function Aut.N_of_state. See the new demo coq-syntax-errors and the updated manual for more details. (Contributed by Brian Ward.)

Changes in ocaml-ocamlgraph 2.0.0:

  • port to dune and opam 2.0
  • opam package now split into two packages: ocamlgraph and ocamlgraph_gtk
  • WeakTopological: fixed incorrect use of generic hash tables (#99, Tomáš Dacík)
  • Oper: fixed transitive_reduction (#91)
  • fix incorrect uses of polymorphic equality (Steffen Smolka, Boris Yakobowski)
  • Coloring: fixed generation of OCamlDoc documentation (contributed by Earnestly)
  • Coloring functions now fail if the graph is directed
  • Coloring now uses a single, global exception (NoColoring)
  • Coloring: new function two_color to 2-color a graph (or fail)
  • Fixpoint: Take initial labeling of nodes into account (Johannes Kloos)
  • Dominator.Make_graph now accepts a signature that is Builder-compatible

All other builds are simple rebuilds due to the changes above.

How to install

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sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2021-988974303a

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