FEDORA-2021-950bfb5c2f created by remi a year ago for Fedora 34

Version 2.9.1

  • 8713: Stop using Webmozart to fix error in Query/Parser thanks to @peter-gribanov
  • 8711: Attempted to load class "Assert" thanks to @ben29

Version 2.9.0


  • 8691: Check for use of deprecated API with Psalm thanks to @alcaeus
  • 8678: [Gh-8589] A new approach to non-nullable typed associations for BC thanks to @beberlei
  • 8677: [GH-8676] Allow nested annotations to work without parents as attributes thanks to @beberlei and @Nemo64
  • 8671: Reflect that default EntityManager is not always named default thanks to @simPod
  • 8646: [GH-8327] Make EntityManagerProvider compatible with expected DoctrineBundle usage thanks to @beberlei and @PowerKiKi
  • 8642: How to create schema using Schema tool in v2.9.x? thanks to @simPod
  • 8629: Fields for unique constraints thanks to @beberlei and @alexander-schranz
  • 8613: Reintroduce PHP 7.1 support thanks to @beberlei
  • 8589: Fix typed properties for default metadata (#7939) thanks to @Lustmored and @beberlei
  • 8553: Bump doctrine/deprecations to at least v0.5.3 thanks to @beberlei
  • 8517: [GH-8458] Properly deprecate ConvertDoctrine1Schema thanks to @beberlei
  • 8472: [GH-8471] Deprecate Partial DQL syntax and forcing partial loads. thanks to @beberlei
  • 8466: Introduce doctrine/deprecations thanks to @beberlei
  • 8439: Use typed properties for default metadata for #7939 thanks to @Lustmored and @beberlei
  • 8438: DDC-2076 Remove useless join over target table of ManyToMany relationship thanks to @plfort
  • 8417: Restrict EntityManagerInterface::getRepository thanks to @VincentLanglet
  • 8382: [GH-6396] Allow custom hydrators access to meta columns thanks to @beberlei
  • 8378: [GH-6578] Add validation that inherited entity class is mapped in discriminator. thanks to @beberlei
  • 8377: Add Doctrine\ORM\Query\Expr::mod() thanks to @beberlei and @holtkamp
  • 8375: Support for Array parameters in SQL filters thanks to @beberlei and @doctrinebot
  • 8357: Add psalm annotation to ArrayCollection of Parameters thanks to @snapshotpl
  • 8266: [GH-8265] Prototype for Attribute Metadata Driver thanks to @beberlei
  • 7936: [GH-5202] Implement Query::HINT_READ_ONLY flag thanks to @beberlei and @doctrinebot
  • 7918: Add support for INDEX BY an associated entity (2.8.x) thanks to @andrews05 and @crtl


  • 8672: Allow installing doctrine/cache 2.0 thanks to @alcaeus
  • 8548: Adding details to types in PHPDoc thanks to @orklah
  • 8544: Add type declarations where backwards-compatible thanks to @greg0ire
  • 8380: [GH-7128] Improve OneToManyRequiresMappedBy Exception message thanks to @beberlei and @jakumi

Deprecation,New Feature

  • 8651: Introduce PSR-6 for metadata caching thanks to @alcaeus


  • 8592: Deprecated Named Native and DQL Queries thanks to @beberlei
  • 8524: [GH-8327] Deprecate EntityManagerHelper for a provider abstraction. thanks to @beberlei and @PowerKiKi
  • 8383: Deprecated notify change tracking policy thanks to @beberlei
  • 8381: [GH-6855] Prevent unsupported lifecycle callback mapping on embedded classes. thanks to @beberlei

New Feature,Question

  • 7762: Psalm support thanks to @zerkms

Version 2.8.5


  • 8700: Fix undefined index thanks to @deguif
  • 8604: Fix psalm param typehint for OneToManyAssociationBuilder::setOrderBy method thanks to @janatjak
  • 8566: SimpleObjectHydrator: skip unsuit custom type before convert it thanks to @tweet9ra
  • 8699: Fix some static analysis issues thanks to @greg0ire
  • 8698: Fix cache deprecation thanks to @deguif
  • 8649: ConvertDoctrine1Schema: Fix Doctrine 1 notnull field import thanks to @aweelex
  • 8644: Describe return types more accurately thanks to @greg0ire
  • 8600: Remove internal tag from computeChangeSet thanks to @VincentLanglet
  • 8594: Ensure test is suffixed with Test thanks to @greg0ire


  • 8636: Update ignore rules to reflect current situation thanks to @greg0ire
  • 8634: upgrade static tools thanks to @orklah
  • 8627: Add baseline files for static analyzers thanks to @greg0ire
  • 8617: Upgrade to doctrine/coding-standard 9 thanks to @greg0ire
  • 8552: Fix remaining warnings from the phpunit9 upgrade thanks to @acoulton

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This update has been obsoleted by php-doctrine-orm-2.9.2-1.fc34.

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