FEDORA-2021-6c5b3a5dbe created by codonell a year ago for Fedora 34

Automatic update for glibc-2.32.9000-25.fc34.

* Wed Jan 13 2021 Carlos O'Donell <carlos@redhat.com> - 2.32.9000-25
- Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
  commit cf1290064598def8dfeddec3d86d98495aee1fba:
- Use the right argument code in unnormal tests
- ldconfig/x86: Store ISA level in cache and aux cache
- elf: work around a gcc bug in elf_get_dynamic_info
- x86: Set header.feature_1 in TCB for always-on CET [BZ #27177]
- posix: consume less entropy on tempname
- Makerules: Do not require startup files for format.lds probe object
- install: Replace scripts/output-format.sed with objdump -f [BZ #26559]
- math: Add BZ#18980 fix back on dbl-64 cosh
- posix: Sync tempname with gnulib [BZ #26648]
- posix: Fix return value of system if shell can not be executed [BZ #27053]
- support: Add xchmod wrapper
- Update STATX_ATTR_DAX value from Linux 5.10.
- riscv: Initialize $gp before resolving the IRELATIVE relocation
- riscv: support GNU indirect function
- posix: Correct attribute access mode on readlinkat [BZ #27024].
-  Add xfchmod to libsupport
- Add xchdir to libsupport.
- POSIX locale: Fix typo in comment
- ARC: Regenerate ulps
- mntent: Use __putc_unlocked instead of fputc_unlocked
- aarch64: define PI_STATIC_AND_HIDDEN
- Update NEWS for CVE-2019-25013.
- x86: Support GNU_PROPERTY_X86_ISA_1_V[234] marker [BZ #26717]
- Remove dbl-64/wordsize-64 (part 2)
- Remove dbl-64/wordsize-64
- Add SEGV_MTEAERR and SEGV_MTESERR from Linux 5.10.
- support: Add support_small_thread_stack_size
- stdlib: Sync canonicalize with gnulib [BZ #10635] [BZ #26592] [BZ #26341] [BZ #24970]
- malloc: Add scratch_buffer_dupfree
- Import filename.h from gnulib
- Import idx.h from gnulib
- alpha: Provide wait4 for static library [BZ #27150]
- aarch64: push the set of rules before falling into slow path
- nptl: Fix comment typo in pthread_cond_wait.c
- x86: Check IFUNC definition in unrelocated executable [BZ #20019]
- hurd: Fix mmap(!MAP_FIXED) on bogus address

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2021-6c5b3a5dbe

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