Update to 3.5.0

  • Add the function calceph_getmaxsupportedorder, calceph_getpositionrecordindex2 and calceph_getorientrecordindex2.
  • Update config.sub and config.guess to support new processors.
  • Fix an incorrect result of calceph_(s)getconstant and calceph_getconstantvd with SPICE text kernel if the current locale has a decimal separator different than the decimal point (e.g. comma).
  • Fix compilation warnings with gcc 11 about pointers and arrays.
  • Fix compilation errors with the android SDK API level < 24.
  • Fix the installation with python 3.10 or later (PEP 632).
  • Reduce the stack size of the arrays for the evaluation with C99 compilers.
  • Change the array size of the function calceph_getfileversion from the value CALCEPH_MAX_CONSTANTNAME to CALCEPH_MAX_CONSTANTVALUE, to conform to the documentation and examples. Only C and Fortran 2003 are affected by this change : previous header file contains an invalid declaration of the function. Few programs may be affected by this change, as the required array has a smaller size : No buffer overflow may appear.

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2021-3f136ff206

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