FEDORA-2020-d9287bb71d created by robert 3 years ago for Fedora 30


  • merge regression fix:
    • Do not display empty CLI passwd alert if CLI is not enabled
  • merge PR #359:
    • Remove turn_free_simple()
    • Remove turn_malloc()
    • Remove turn_realloc()
    • Remove turn_free()
    • Remove turn_calloc()
    • Remove turn_strdup()
    • Remove SSL_NEW() and SSL_FREE()
    • Remove pointer debugging machinery
    • Remove ns_bzero(), ns_bcopy(), and ns_bcmp()
    • Remove [su]{08,16,32,64}bits type defines
  • merge PR #327
    • Strip white-spaces from config file lines end
  • merge PR #386
    • fix the webadmin ip permission add/delete sql injection
  • merge PR #390
    • fix mongo driver crash when invalid connection string is used
  • merge PR #392 enhanced fread return length check
  • merge PR #367 disconnect database gracefully
  • merge PR #382
    • Using SSL_get_version method for BoringSSL compatibility
    • Now we put in turn_session_info->tls_method the real TLS version. Earlier we put UNKNOWN in this field if it was a TLS protocol that was not defined supportel TLS protocol during compile time.
  • merge PR #276 Add systemd service example
  • merge PR #284 Add bandwidth usage reporting packet/bandwidth usage by peers
  • merge PR #381 Modifying configure to enable compile with private libraries
  • merge PR #455 Typo corrected
  • merge PR #417 Append only to log files rather to override them
  • merge PR #442 Updated incorrect string length check for 'ssh'
  • merge PR #449 Fix Dockerfile for latest Debian
  • http server NULL dereference
    • Reported (by, cisco/talos)
    • CVE-2020-6061 / TALOS-2020-0984
  • http server out of bound read
    • Reported (by, cisco/talos)
    • CVE-2020-6061 / TALOS-2020-0984
  • merge PR #472 STUN input validation
  • merge PR #398 FIPS
  • merge PR #478 prod
  • merge PR #463 fix typos and grammar
  • update travis config ubuntu/mac images
  • merge PR #466 added null check for second char
  • merge PR #470 compiler warning fixes
  • merge PR #475 Update README.docker
  • merge PR #471 Fix a memory leak when an SHATYPE isn't supported
  • merge PR #488 Fix typos about INSTALL filenames
  • fix compiler warning comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions
  • fix compiler warning string truncation
  • change Diffie Hellman default key length from 1066 to 2066
  • merge PR #522 drop of supplementary group IDs
  • merge PR #514 Unify spelling of Coturn
  • merge PR#506 Rename "prod" config option to "no-software-attribute"
  • merge PR #519 fix config extension in README.docker
  • merge PR #516 change sql data dir in docker-compose-all.yml
  • merge PR #513 remove trailing spaces from READMEs
  • merge PR #525 add flags to disable periodic use of dynamic tables

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2020-d9287bb71d

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This update has been pushed to stable.

3 years ago

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