FEDORA-2020-d9287bb71d created by robert 4 years ago for Fedora 30


  • merge regression fix:
    • Do not display empty CLI passwd alert if CLI is not enabled
  • merge PR #359:
    • Remove turn_free_simple()
    • Remove turn_malloc()
    • Remove turn_realloc()
    • Remove turn_free()
    • Remove turn_calloc()
    • Remove turn_strdup()
    • Remove SSL_NEW() and SSL_FREE()
    • Remove pointer debugging machinery
    • Remove ns_bzero(), ns_bcopy(), and ns_bcmp()
    • Remove [su]{08,16,32,64}bits type defines
  • merge PR #327
    • Strip white-spaces from config file lines end
  • merge PR #386
    • fix the webadmin ip permission add/delete sql injection
  • merge PR #390
    • fix mongo driver crash when invalid connection string is used
  • merge PR #392 enhanced fread return length check
  • merge PR #367 disconnect database gracefully
  • merge PR #382
    • Using SSL_get_version method for BoringSSL compatibility
    • Now we put in turn_session_info->tls_method the real TLS version. Earlier we put UNKNOWN in this field if it was a TLS protocol that was not defined supportel TLS protocol during compile time.
  • merge PR #276 Add systemd service example
  • merge PR #284 Add bandwidth usage reporting packet/bandwidth usage by peers
  • merge PR #381 Modifying configure to enable compile with private libraries
  • merge PR #455 Typo corrected
  • merge PR #417 Append only to log files rather to override them
  • merge PR #442 Updated incorrect string length check for 'ssh'
  • merge PR #449 Fix Dockerfile for latest Debian
  • http server NULL dereference
    • Reported (by, cisco/talos)
    • CVE-2020-6061 / TALOS-2020-0984
  • http server out of bound read
    • Reported (by, cisco/talos)
    • CVE-2020-6061 / TALOS-2020-0984
  • merge PR #472 STUN input validation
  • merge PR #398 FIPS
  • merge PR #478 prod
  • merge PR #463 fix typos and grammar
  • update travis config ubuntu/mac images
  • merge PR #466 added null check for second char
  • merge PR #470 compiler warning fixes
  • merge PR #475 Update README.docker
  • merge PR #471 Fix a memory leak when an SHATYPE isn't supported
  • merge PR #488 Fix typos about INSTALL filenames
  • fix compiler warning comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions
  • fix compiler warning string truncation
  • change Diffie Hellman default key length from 1066 to 2066
  • merge PR #522 drop of supplementary group IDs
  • merge PR #514 Unify spelling of Coturn
  • merge PR#506 Rename "prod" config option to "no-software-attribute"
  • merge PR #519 fix config extension in README.docker
  • merge PR #516 change sql data dir in docker-compose-all.yml
  • merge PR #513 remove trailing spaces from READMEs
  • merge PR #525 add flags to disable periodic use of dynamic tables

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2020-d9287bb71d

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