FEDORA-2020-b3e5cc8912 created by praiskup a year ago for Fedora 33

Automatic update for mock-2.2-1.fc33.

* Wed Apr  1 2020 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@redhat.com> 2.2-1
- depend on mock-configs, not mock-core-configs so users can pick an alternative
  package with configuration
- bind-mounting stuff below /tmp into bootstrap is fixed with nspawn (GH#502)
- don't do util.getAddtlReqs when 'more_buildreqs' not specified
- implement doOutChroot() abstraction which runs commands either in bootstrap
  or on host, depending on isolation={nspawn|simple}
- use doOutChroot() for package_state plugin (GH#525)
- fix for "mock --chroot -- cmd arg1 arg2" use-case
- site-defaults.cfg moved from /etc to %doc, and the config file is now
  provided by mock-core-configs (GH#555)
- bootstrap: expand dnf vars in local repo bind-mounts (rhbz#1815703)
- bootstrap: bindmount local metalink/mirrorlist (rhbz#1816696)
- config_opts['isolation'] option invented, replaces 'use_nspawn'
- 'isolation' is now set to 'auto' (means 'nspawn' with fallback to 'simple',
  (GH#337, otaylor@fishsoup.net)
- Fedora Toolbox && bootstrap - don't re-bind-mount dev files, and fix
  installation of filesystem.rpm from bootstrap to normal chroot (GH#550)
- re-define %python3_pkgversion on el7 (GH#545)
- docker use-case: use getpass.getuser() instead of os.getlogin() (GH#551)
- set LANG to C.UTF-8 by default, even if host has different value (GH#451)
- bootstrap: use configured yum commands (GH#518, paul@city-fan.org)
- fixup doubled-logs by predictable bootstrap resultdir (GH#539, rhbz#1805631)
- fix --chain --isolation=simple with external URLs (GH#542)
- option --orphanskill fixed for --isolation=simple --bootstrap-chroot
- orphan processes are now also killed "postyum", right after the installation
  trasactions are executed to also kill daemons started from scriptlets (GH#183)
- EL7 fix - use 'private' mount option for <bootsrap_root>/<root>, not 'rprivate'
- ceanup rpmdb before checking installed packages (fixes builds against target
  chroots that have different rpmdb backend, e.g. SQLite on F33+)

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2020-b3e5cc8912

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