FEDORA-2020-92f7b321e4 created by rathann 3 years ago for Fedora 32

This build contains WebAssembly binaries rebuilt with Fedora WebAssembly compiler. Please report any bugs.

Notable changes since 1.26.2:

Both stock malware domain lists, which are enabled by default in uBO, have been replaced by URLhaus Malicious URL blocklist, which is now enabled by default in uBO. Both removed malware lists will be moved to the Custom section if you still have them enabled. It is recommended you remove these lists from your Custom lists -- only you can do this, uBO does not remove lists which are currently enabled.

Note that it may takes days before you are updated to the modified assets/assets.json, which is required to get the above changes.

##script:inject(...), which has been deprecated in favor of ##+js(...) for more than two years, is no longer supported.

It's no longer possible to point-and-click to create allow (green) rules from within the popup panel by default. This change is motivated by seeing way too many cases of improper usage of dynamic filtering in which users are creating allow (green) rules where noop (gray) rules should have been used.

Creating allow rules has serious consequences as these override blocking static filters and can potentially disable other advanced filtering ability such as HTML filtering and scriptlet injection -- often used to deal with anti-blocker mechanisms; to the point where misusing allow rules can easily cause a user to be less protected than when using uBO with default settings/lists.

You can get back temporarily the ability to create allow rules from within the popup panel by tapping twice the Ctrl key.

Improved syntax highlighting of static filters in "My filters" and asset viewer. Additionally, in "My filters":

  • Ability to toggle commenting out of filter(s) by pressing the Tab key
  • Auto-completion using Ctrl-Space, this works for:
    • Static filter options
    • Resource names for redirect= option
    • Procedural operators for cosmetic/HTML filters
    • Scriptlet names for ##+js filters

The popup panel and dashboard have been redesigned to be more user friendly, including more mobile-friendly. The re-design is being done by taking into account @brampitoyo's suggestions and feedback.

You can revert to the old popup panel by setting uiFlavor to classic in advanced settings -- though keep in mind the old panel is not likely to be kept around forever.

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2020-92f7b321e4

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