FEDORA-2020-5f5247f9f6 created by praiskup 3 years ago for Fedora 34

Automatic update for copr-frontend-1.170-1.fc34.

* Mon Nov  9 2020 Jakub Kadlcik <> 1.170-1
- frontend: hide buttons in repositories pages for non-admins
- frontend: fix User.copr_permission relationship
- frontend: de-dup the rendering html code for repositories
- frontend: sync flash about EOL repos with the listing indent
- frontend, python: we cannot order chroots by name
- frontend: show a warning that user should visit their EOL repositories page
- frontend: add EOL repositories page for user (in opposite to project)
- frontend: not access flask.g.user, user parameter instead
- frontend: put the "running/starting/..." text to breadcrumb
- frontend: silence cyclic-import warnings
- cli, frontend: custom build batches
- frontend: silence warnings from confused PyLint
- frontend: de-duplicate forms
- frontend: fix canceling builds
- frontend: document the attributes related to EOLed chroots
- frontend: fix APIv3 ordering
- frontend: test: adding tests for canceling builds
- frontend: don't set ended_on for canceled builds
- frontend: don't re-set Build.package value
- frontend: assign package ASAP with rebuilds
- frontend: test chroot-edit 403 and form errors
- frontend: fix-up the CoprChroot form rendering
- frontend: de-duplicate work with build form
- frontend: merge two methods which were split needlessly
- frontend: short-cut the loop in build_config chroot search
- frontend, cli, python, rpmbuild: better bootstrap config
- beaker-tests, cli, frontend, python, rpmbuild: add option to config bootstrap
- frontend: fix the monitor page
- frontend: exception handlers fix once more
- Revert "frontend: fix exception tests for F31"
- frontend: redirect to URLs with trailing slashes
- all: run pytest with -vv in package build
- cli: fix timeout option to allow change timeout for build
- frontend: reduce the timeout to 5 hours
- frontend: input field for setting timeout for builds
- frontend: remove setting memory requirements
- frontend: access chroots more safely to avoid KeyError
- frontend: don't mark ELN as fedora latest version
- frontend: use "source build" collocation, not "srpm build"
- frontend: don't duplicate enums.BuildSourceEnum
- common, cli, python, rpmbuild, frontend, backend: DistGit source method
- frontend: nicer message in package name validator
- frontend: nicer web-UI error message on missing default source method
- frontend: catch NoPackageSourceException in apiv3 on rebuild
- frontend: move error handlers to the same file
- frontend: fix exception tests for F31
- frontend: improve APIv3 exception handling for better messages
- frontend: fix custom form errors also for CoprFormFactory and
- frontend: make sure user cannot pin projects that he doesn't have permissions
- frontend: fix PinnedCoprsForm validation
- frontend: count srpm builds in statistics
- frontend: allow . and disallow : in package name
- frontend: allow '+' symbol in package name
- frontend: enable coverage for ./commands
- frontend: silence pylint issues
- frontend: fix testsuite stderr warnings
- frontend: test branch-fedora command
- frontend: fix rawhide-to-release to inherit comment
- frontend: fix forking into an existing project

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sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2020-5f5247f9f6

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