FEDORA-2020-35061137b7 created by swt2c 3 years ago for Fedora 33

Automatic update for wxGTK3-

* Sun May 10 2020 Scott Talbert <> -
- Update to new upstream release

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2020-35061137b7

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This update can be pushed to stable now if the maintainer wishes

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3 years ago

Why was there no 3.0.5 update for F32?

Because nobody asked for it? Do you have a need for it?

Well, nothing severe like known to fix bug X in Y. But I considered a F32 bugfix update as consistent with stable update policy, as F32 is a fresh release: "As a result, we should avoid major updates of packages within a stable release. Updates should aim to fix bugs, and not introduce features, particularly when those features would materially affect the user or developer experience. The update rate for any given release should drop off over time, approaching zero near release end-of-life; since updates are primarily bugfixes, fewer and fewer should be needed over time."

Yes, I believe it would be okay to update it per policy. However, I usually wait until there is some compelling reason (e.g., a bug that someone is affected by) before pushing an update to a package that I maintain.

In this case, I think updating to 3.0.5 in stable will also need to be coordinated with the dependent packages to ensure there are no breakages due to the change in wxDataView:

  • Potentially incompatible change: wxDataViewModel::Cleared() now works as documented cross-platform. Previously on wxGTK it just emptied the model rather than triggering a reload of the model. If you are working around the broken behaviour with wxGTK-specific code in your application you should check that your application works correctly with this change.

I have seen at least one application that has crashes on 3.0.5 and not 3.0.4 because of this change.

OK, understandable to stay on 3.0.4.

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