FEDORA-2019-71772f3cd7 created by ngompa 9 months ago for Fedora 29

Update to Mir 1.3.0


  • [Wayland] Split out a new mirwayland package to enable shell implementors to add protocol extensions.
  • [Wayland] Initial support for XDG output protocol
  • [Wayland] Disconnect clients when Mir exceptions are raised in processing requests
  • [MirAL] Extend MirAL API for managing Wayland extensions
  • [MirAL] Provide a new MinimalWindowManager strategy
  • [MirAL] Improve miral-shell help text rendering
  • [benchmarks] Generate USDT tracepoints from LTTNG tracepoints
  • [benchmarks] Add a commit-top-present latency script
  • Support multi-output in Mir-on-X
  • [Wayland] Eagerly send buffer release events
  • [Wayland] Eagerly execute work when on Wayland thread
  • [MirAL] Surface depth layer support
  • [MirAL] Application Zone support
  • [MirAL] Explicit handling of Wayland extensions in MirAL and Mir
  • [MirAL] Do not place parentless windows relative to existing windows
  • [Wayland/mirtest] publish miral::TestWlcsDisplayServer and miral::TestServer fixtures (Fixes #878)
  • [Wayland/generator] Force compile-time error if XML/generated classes are updated to a new version without also updating the child classes
  • [Wayland/generator] Add base objects for Wayland objects and globals
  • [Wayland/generator] Add a constructor-from-parent for objects that can be server-constructed
  • [Examples] Implement Ctrl-Alt-T handling for miral-shell


  • [Wayland] Better handle window role state changes
  • [X11] Improve listen/x-client sockets
  • Additional symbol needed for g++8.3/ld
  • [X11] Make sure Xwayland exits to ensure a clean shutdown
  • [MirAL] Ensure internal clients don't hang because of queued requests.
  • Don't lock KeyRepeatDispatcher::repeat_state_mutex unnecessarily in a callback.
  • Use drmIsMaster() from libdrm when it is provided.
  • Ensure an already focussed surface really gets input focus.
  • [Wayland] Better handle window role state changes.
  • [Wayland] Fix INCLUDEDIR for the mirwayland.pc file.
  • [Wayland] Process output update notifications on the correct thread.
  • [MirAL] Allow unfocused windows to receive mouse down events
  • [MirAL] Handle exceptions propagating from InternalClient code
  • Add a package config file for mircommon and reference it mirwayland and mirplatform.
  • [nested] Make sure we destroy eglImage before class gets destructed

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9 months ago

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9 months ago

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9 months ago
BZ#1678585 mir-1.3.0 is available
BZ#1716475 mir fails to build with Python 3.8

This update has been submitted for stable by bodhi.

9 months ago

This update has been pushed to stable.

9 months ago

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9 months ago
BZ#1678585 mir-1.3.0 is available
BZ#1716475 mir fails to build with Python 3.8

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