bugfix update in Fedora 29 for digitemp

Status: stable 2 months ago

DigiTemp 3.7.2

  • Fix digitemp.spec Version in bumpver target (bcl)
  • Make sure strncpy uses are null-terminated (bcl)
  • Add a check for ROM number vs. SENSORS count (bcl)
  • Log the scratchpad diagnostics (bcl)
  • Bump Copyright Year to 2018 (bcl)
  • Fix strftime use of log_file (bcl)
  • Add strftime formating to logfile name (peje)
  • Clean up the start_time switch statement usage (bcl)
  • Add log_type 4 & 5 (peje)
  • Check for bad Get_Temperature result (bcl)
  • Fix the return value of Get_Temperature in ad26.c (bcl)
  • Display DS2438 temperature even if humidity calculation fails. (bcl)
  • Always include types.h and time.h (bcl)
  • Bump copyright year to 2016 (bcl)
  • Add bumpver target (bcl)
  • Spelling corrections (ryan)

DigiTemp 3.7.1

  • Fix version in digitemp.h (bcl)

DigiTemp 3.7.0

  • Update the rpm spec and drop CFLAG patch (bcl)
  • Allow CFLAGS to be overridden (bcl)
  • Add git tag and archive creation to Makefile (bcl)
  • Update TODO list (bcl)
  • Remove old python GUI code (bcl)
  • Recognize DS2401 variant family 0x81 in DS9490R/DS9490B (ryan)
  • Remove lockfile mentions from README (ryan)
  • Misc. cleanup and date bumping. (bcl)
  • Fix some unused variables found by cppcheck (bcl)
  • Fix potential resource leak in read_rcfile (bcl)
  • Update Copyright date to 2015 (bcl)
  • Fix typo (bcl)
  • Increase size limit for TTY device names (inguin)
  • Clear the usb buffer before use (bcl)
  • Tell git to ignore .o files (bcl)
  • Platform adjustments (ryan)
  • Properly reset the 1-Wire bus on DS2490 (patrick)
  • Fix SetBaudCOM conflicting parameter types (ryan)
  • Replace lockdev usage with flock (ryan)
  • Makefile adjustments (ryan)
  • Spelling corrections in binary code (ryan)
  • Add Hobby Boards family codes (bcl)
  • Fix a couple printf buffer issues (robert)
  • Flush output sooner (bcl)

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