FEDORA-2019-57d263d207 created by praiskup 5 years ago for Fedora 30
  • fix finished status for SRPM builds, hopefully last time
  • log handled 500 errors
  • fix a failing test
  • expect the correct status code for project deletion failure
  • webhook triggers expect int:copr_id
  • fix shebang in daily cron job
  • remove a redundant condition for outdated chroots
  • allow user to remove outdated chroot; fix #624
  • sort outdated chroots by name; fix #593
  • pagure-events: send keep-alive tcp packets
  • replace cron configuration automatically
  • respect module buildorder by setting dependencies among batches
  • add mechanism to block build batch until other one finishes
  • build is not finished when not even SRPM is finished
  • fix WTForms deprecation warning
  • fix Flask invalid cookie warning
  • fix YAMLLoadWarning deprecation warning
  • fix FlaskWTForms deprecation warning
  • pagure-events: each commit in push/PR should trigger build
  • webhooks: each commit in push should trigger build
  • make clean_old_builds query join() explicit
  • link to correct API documentation
  • fixup test fixtures for Rawhide
  • add CLI for permissions
  • new --max-builds option
  • move "Other options" to separate panel
  • support temporary projects
  • print friendly error on http when https is enforced
  • Merge #647 [frontend] make 'alembic revision --autogenerate' pylint-clean
  • *_private migration is irreversible
  • don't ignore constraints when moving data to *_private
  • simplify *_private tables
  • de-duplicate *_private ids
  • add CoprPrivate to join
  • fix migration sequence by putting private table migrations on top
  • remove private columns from user and copr
  • private tables for user and copr
  • make 'alembic revision --autogenerate' pylint-clean
  • pagure-events: accept [copr-build] key in PR message
  • pagure-events: allow duplicate builds
  • better parse Pagure's PR messages
  • fix Pagure-triggered Package builds
  • linter for alembic revisions
  • repaired import in builds_logic Closes #644
  • increase the build timeout limit because of chromium
  • reset config changes after each test method
  • UI: say "SRPM log" instead of "Import log"
  • disallow root to execute ./manage.py
  • don't display url to dist-git logs for non-admin users
  • fix batch build delete in group projects; see #575
  • fix exception when multiple sources are generating graph data
  • support ?priority=x for non copr:// repo
  • Redis.setex swapped arguments in v3+
  • go to builds page after submitting a custom method build
  • fix module builds table
  • test real-world module buildorder, see #599
  • enforce https for outdated chroots emails
  • pass queue_sizes also to the graph page
  • display badges in task queue tabs, see #552
  • avoid 'collections.abc' warnings

This update has been submitted for testing by praiskup.

5 years ago

This update has been pushed to testing.

5 years ago

This update has been obsoleted by copr-frontend-1.150-1.fc30.

5 years ago

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