FEDORA-2019-227007f208 created by ankursinha 4 years ago for Fedora 29

Update to 1.3.0

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  • New User Guide page for Python 2 support timeline
  • New User Guide page for working with private data elements
  • example loading set of CT slices and plotting axial, sagittal and coronal (#789)


  • Removed deprecated uid variables, config.image_handlers and DeferredDataElement (#760)
  • dataelem.isMultiValue is deprecated and will be removed in v1.4. Use dataelem.DataElement.VM instead.
  • dataelem.isStringOrStringList and dataelem.isString functions are removed
  • datadict.add_dict_entry and datadict.add_dict_entries now raise if trying to add a private tag
  • dataset.Dataset.maxBytesToDisplay also limits display length for non-binary VRs (by number of items) (#666)


  • Added datadict.add_private_dict_entry and datadict.add_private_dict_entries to add custom private tags (#799)
  • Added possibility to write into zip file using gzip, by avoiding seek (#753)
  • Added RLE encoding (#730)
  • Added handling of incorrect transfer syntax (explicit vs implicit) (#820)
  • Added creation of Tag instances by DICOM keyword, e.g Tag(“PatientName”)
  • Added possibility to get and add private tags without adding them to the private dictionary
  • Added possibility to use a Dataset in a NumPy array
  • Allow missing padding byte in Pixel Data, issue a warning in this case (#864)
  • Add in-memory image decoding with GDCM
  • Check really used implicit/explicit VR before reading a data set (#819, #820)
  • Added alpha conversion of Datasets to/from JSON format (Python 3 only)


  • Correctly handle Dataset.pop and Dataset.setdefault for tuple and keyword arguments (#852)
  • Correctly handle encoding errors when any of the encodings are invalid (not just the first) (#850)
  • Do not raise while resolving an ambiguous VR dependent on PixelRepresentation if both PixelRepresentation and PixelData are not present (#838)
  • Raise exception with specific message if value is too large to be written in explicit transfer syntax (#757)
  • Make hash for PersonName3 behave as expected, make PersonName objects immutable (#785)
  • Fixed generate_uid() returning non-conformant UIDs when prefix=None (#788)
  • Avoid exception if reading from empty file (#810)
  • An invalid encoding is now replaced by the default encoding, if config.enforce_valid_values is not set (#815)
  • Correctly handle elements with ambiguous VR in sequence items (#804)
  • Fix bug where new DicomDir objects always have is_implicit_VR
  • Fix dataset equality for mixed raw vs converted data elements (#835)
  • Remove excess padding in Pixel Data
  • Fix wrong date format in anonymize example
  • Fix unknown VR exception message when VR isn’t ASCII (#791)
  • Fix jis-x-0201 characters encoding (#856)

How to install

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sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2019-227007f208

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