FEDORA-2019-140b5b966e created by kalev 2 years ago for Fedora 29

gtk 3.24.3 release

Bugs fixed:

  • wayland: Respect length limits in text protocol
  • wayland: Support key themes
  • wayland: Fix hi-dpi cursor scaling
  • quartz: Make point-to-pixel conversions work on all versions
  • quartz: Re-add support for hidpi scaling
  • quartz: Fix search engine integration
  • win32: Fix ime change hangling
  • placessidebar: Insert drops in the right place
  • x11: Fix problems gdk_x11_get_parent_relative
  • x11: Fix Wacom tool types
  • icons: Recolor polygons as well in symbolic icons
  • switch: Use Unicode symbols for I/O instead of translations

Translation updates:

  • Japanese

gtk 3.24.2 release

  • new api: gdk_x11_display_get_parent_relative pattern
  • wayland: Use the settings portal when sandboxed

Bugs fixed:

  • widget-factory: Move app menu contents to primary menu
  • Make dashed border-style work correctly
  • gtkstack: fix null pointer dereference
  • GDK W32: Support switching input modules at runtime
  • Tooltip: Fix the used cursor size if 0 in Settings
  • quartz: Fix crash when realizing GtkOffscreenWindow
  • win32 dnd: Fix setting icon on drag-begin
  • Fix race in GtkPlug window creation
  • widget-factory: Add Keyboard Shortcuts menu item
  • quartz: do not cache the screen in the gdkmonitor
  • Trash in side bar sometimes contains a home icon
  • wayland: Avoid crashes inside wl_proxy_marshal
  • gtkimcontextime.c: Fix Korean input
  • entry: Handle no-window events in gtk_entry_event
  • Tooltip: Fix the used cursor size if 0 in Setting
  • Notebook: Ensure menu_label updates with tab_label
  • Adwaita: Improve headerbar theming
  • win32: Make scroll behavior similar to Linux
  • fix symbolic icon rendering with new librsvg
  • emoji selector: force Emoji presentation
  • a11y: fix a crash under wayland

Translation updates:

  • Africaans
  • Basque
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Chinese (Taiwan)
  • Esperanto
  • Lithuanian
  • Slovak
  • Slovenian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

This update has been submitted for testing by kalev.

2 years ago

This update has been pushed to testing.

2 years ago
User Icon bojan commented & provided feedback 2 years ago

Works here. It would be really great if those menus outside the screen for FF on Wayland could be fixed too. :-)

User Icon flexo3001 commented & provided feedback 2 years ago

works for me

User Icon atim commented & provided feedback 2 years ago

Seems fine.

Looks like this regressed switches. I'm going to disable autokarma to make sure it doesn't get accidentally pushed to stable.

kalev edited this update.

2 years ago
User Icon besser82 commented & provided feedback 2 years ago

Works great! LGTM! =)

@kalev: Thanks for the heads up on the switches. I was just playing a bit with them using various Gnome apps, but they seem to work OK here. Do you have details on how they regressed? Any specific tests that would help?

@bojan: It turned out that Cantarell is missing the IEC power symbols that the switches use now, see https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gtk/merge_requests/508

@kalev: Which explains why it works for me - I use sans. Thanks for the info.

User Icon renault commented & provided feedback 2 years ago

No regressions found with GNOME session

Huh, using | instead of "on" and o instead of "off" is really weird. I would suggest to keep this update out of F29 and leave this change to rawhide/F30.

Also, please don't leave updates that you don't intend to push to stable in updates-testing.

This update has been obsoleted.

2 years ago

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