FEDORA-2018-ed828bfbc1 created by hobbes1069 5 years ago for Fedora 28

Version 4.0.17 - Update release:

flarq idtimer

* Add 10 minute id timer to statFrame

Greek language update

* updated el.po submitted by Haris, SV1GRB

Documentation Update

* Add nanoCW, nanoFSK, Navigator interface.
* Update macro matrix display (48 macros in 4 rows)

xmlrpc cat string

* add send cat string to flrig
  - similar to <RIGCAT macro


* tmpfile() is apparently not thread safe on OS X
  remove usage from SoundBase::format_supported(...)

Serial port discovery

* Add /dev/rfcomm? blue tooth serial device
  names to serial device list

Log entries

* Change mode entry for Olivia, MT63, Thor, Throb to
  include submode.
  - allows correct setting of mode / submode when
    retrieving a logbook entry.


* correct action of tx over rx toggle

RTTY Quick pick

* disable RTTY quick pick if using nanoIO or Navigator

flarq appdir

* change test for FL_APPS folder

WinKey PTT

* Enable winkey PTT

CW/FSK I/O on start

* restore last connect state of Nav / tinyCW / tinyFSK
  when starting program

Default Lighted Button

* Allow user to specify the default ON color for all
  lighted buttons not specifically configured.

ST/PR macro tags

* Add macro tags for State and Province

Logbook read

* Make Rx panel announcement of read user optional


* Add Navigator terminal unit support for FSK
  - options setting panel


* nanoIO is the interface code for the device nanoIO, an Arduino
  project that provide hard line keying of CW and FSK
* nanoFSK
  - Add interface and support code for nanoIO / tinyFSK Arduino
    FSK keyers
  - Modify waterfall frequency display for transceiver FSK
  - Modify dxcluster qsy operations to provide correct QSY
    for transceiver FSK
  - Add TTY transceiver mode recognition if transceiver mode
    string contains RTTY or FSK
  - Add CW support using nanoIO
  - CW WPM 5 to 100
  - CW dash/dot ratio: 2.5 to 3.5

quick pick rtty baud

* add 100 Baud

K2/K3/KX3 data modes

* Add DATA / DATA-R as FSK type submodes if either tinyFSK,
  Navigator or Right-Channel FSK signaling interface is enabled.

Modem start frequency

* Change initialization of modem start up frequency
  - prevent unintended start @ 1000 Hz for every
    change in mode
* Modem startup will honor the sweet spot frequency
  unless it is incompatible with the modem requirement

fsq/ifkp audit logs

* Enable audit log open/close from configuration panel
* Correct date-time stamp in logs

RTTY browser decode

* fix browser decoder sense when transceiver is in LSB
  type mode, i.e. FSK, LSB, LSB-D etc.


* Fixed bug in 8psk 125F/250F init code
  - Bad constraint length was causing decoder to fail
* New preamble for 8PSK FEC modes
  - FEC modes preamble is now a continuous tone at center-frequency
  - Gives reference for clicking &  selecting signal on waterfall.
  - Is backwards compatible with  previous-version 8psk preambles
* Adjusted 8PSK-F modes flush/postamble length much longer
 - Can visually see the inlv flush and postamble "tail" on  waterfall
 - New flush/postamble extends beyond data, to prevent cutoff
* Code, formatting, and comments cleaned-up for 8PSK code

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2018-ed828bfbc1

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