fldigi-4.0.14-1.fc26, fllog-1.2.5-1.fc26, & 1 more

FEDORA-2018-da2255d8bf created by hobbes1069 6 years ago for Fedora 26

Fldigi Version 4.0.14 - Maintenance release

linux shutdown - fixes an issue with occasional shutdown hanging

remote logbook * Correct seg fault when starting with remote logbook

ARQ exit seg fault * Correct ARQ seg fault during shutdown - only occurs on Linux and dependent on OS releasing resources from various threads. - probably a better way to resolve the fault

WEFAX auto center behavior * Fix auto center button behaviour in WEFAX mode. - The button is used to control if the user wants to manually center the image or let the program do it for him. Previously it was impossible to disable the auto center.

WEFAX phasing change button * Fix change button from phasing to abort in WEFAX mode.

RTTY configure initializers * Correct Fl_Combobox RTTY initialization

File aging * Not working correctly on Windows, OK on Linux and OS X

OS X shutdown * Fix to ARQ server shutdown issue on OS X

PSK IMD * reimplement psk s/n and imd evaluators to allow both measurements during both idle and character transmission

Spectrum Display * Update to waterfall interaction controls * Changed function of waterfall gain offset control - left most numeric control below waterfall - setting will now effect all three signal viewers . waterfall (WF) . fast fourier transform (FFT) . signal (SIG) - setting also changes the path gain to demodulators . the more negative the number the greater the gain . this adjustment DOES NOT compensate for low audio input to the A/D converter . it will effect the positioning of squelch controls and the visibility of signals on the waterfall,

Warnings in sound.cxx * Fix warnings generated by ultra anal compilers.

OS X app paradigm * Elucidate the app paradigm for OS X users not so informed Flrig Version 1.3.38 - Maintenance release

Extensive updates and testing performed on IC7100, IC7200, IC7200, IC9100, TS990 and FT991A.

xml server * fix IC7100 BW seg fault

sliders * change all slider callbacks to FL_WHEN_RELEASE - prevents flooding the transceiver with CAT commands while slider is being dragged.

FT-991A * Add new class for FT-991A

Icom Split query * Change backends that attempted to query the split status using the 0x0F CAT command byte. - xcvr will always respond with FA as the command byte is not supported.

IC7100 / 9100 * Major changes to both IC7100 and IC9100 class methods and members * IC7100 work coordinated between W1HKJ and AG7GN Fllog Version 1.2.5 - Maintenance release

status log create and write debug statements to status log

db update * Update database to current fldigi implementation

Native File Chooser * remove Native File Chooser code - not needed for Fltk 1.3.3/4

xmlrpc update * change xmlrpc source to most recent that builds on both G4 and i686 processors

win mingw * mods to allow building on Win-MinGW-Msys platform

flxmlrpc config * change flxmlrpc configure summary report

fix XmlRpc tm_mday comparison typo xmlrpcpp/XmlRpcValue.cpp: In function ‘bool XmlRpc::tmEq(const tm&, const tm&)’: xmlrpcpp/XmlRpcValue.cpp:159:52: warning: self-comparison always evaluates to true [-Wtautological-compare] t1.tm_hour == t2.tm_hour && t1.tm_mday == t1.tm_mday && mxe update * correct mxe build scripts

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sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2018-da2255d8bf

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