bugfix update in Fedora 28 for BackupPC

Status: stable 6 months ago

This release includes a couple of new features (eg, checking inode usage on the BackupPC filesystem) and a few improvements (eg, html table sorting), and several bug fixes:

  • Merged pull requests #200, #208, #216, #217, #229, #230, #231, #232, #233, #235.
  • Added checking of file system inode usage, with new configuration settings $Conf{DfInodeUsageCmd} and $Conf{DfMaxInodeUsagePct}.
  • bin/BackupPC_tarExtract: fixes to hardlink handling on incrementals, plus cleanup
  • bin/BackupPC_backupDuplicate: fixed directory creation for copying v3 backups.
  • bin/BackupPC_backupDelete: couple of inode-related bug fixes; also do fsck if $Conf{RefCntFsck} != 0.
  • bin/BackupPC: fixed handling of dhcp hosts, reported by Jean-Marc.
  • bin/BackupPC: improved version check of rsync_bpc to allow period before "beta", reported by @ktenney in issue #214.
  • Added $Conf{EMailAdminSubject} to allow the admin email subject to be set.
  • Changed default $Conf{CgiDateFormatMMDD} to 2 (YYYY-MM-DD), submitted by @moisseev (#231).
  • Allow multiple groups in $Conf{CgiAdminUserGroup}, submitted by @moisseev (#235).
  • Improvements to html table sorting, and made more tables sortable, submitted by @brenard and @moisseev (issue #199, PRs #200, #229, #230, #232).
  • Add action type column to queue status page (#208), submitted by @brenard.
  • lib/BackupPC/CGI/Summary.pm: host summary only reports age of completed backups (not partial or active), suggested by Michael Selway.
  • lib/BackupPC/CGI/HostInfo.pm: show active backup as partial if there is no job running (to handle case of abnormal exit of BackupPC), reported by @8666 in issue #220.
  • systemd/src/backuppc.service: added ExecReload, submitted by @opoplawski (#233).
  • lib/BackupPC/Xfer/Rsync.pm: empty $Conf{RsyncdPasswd} is no longer fatal; removed remaining mentions of RsyncdAuthRequired from conf/config.pl and lib/BackupPC/Config/Meta.pm; reported by @jooola in issue #224.
  • bin/BackupPC_dump: moved alarm($Conf{ClientTimeout}) to after all the pre-backup code (including expiry, duplication etc of backups, which could be slow) reprted by Michael Selway.
  • bin/BackupPC_refCntUpdate: added a couple of bpc_progress_state prints to improve status reporting during nightly (-m), reprted by Michael Selway.
  • lib/BackupPC/CGI/RSS.pm: added Disabled value to host info (copied from $Conf{BackupsDisable}); suggested by @danielmotaleite (issue #222).
  • lib/BackupPC/Xfer/Rsync.pm: added checks for a couple of common rsync file error and error exit messages that now increment the xferErrs count.
  • bin/BackupPC_tarExtract: errors related to a particular file are counted as Xfer errors, rather than considered fatal.
  • bin/BackupPC_dump: added check that $LogFd is defined before using it.
  • lib/BackupPC/Lib.pm: replaced exit() with POSIX::_exit() so that object destruction is skipped in the child process. This fixes corruption of the compressed XferLOG file if the exec of $Conf{DumpPostUserCmd} fails.
  • conf/config.pl: updated project home page to https://backuppc.github.io/backuppc in email message footers.

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How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2018-92617d3d9a

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