FEDORA-2018-77b9570ea1 created by bcl 4 years ago for Fedora 28

This version backports the new lorax-composer project

- Update the generated html docs (bcl@redhat.com)
- Update the README with relevant URLs (bcl@redhat.com)
- Fix documentation for enabling lorax-composer.socket (bcl@redhat.com)
- Add support for systemd socket activation (bcl@redhat.com)
- Add documentation for lorax-composer and composer-cli (bcl@redhat.com)
- Move lorax-composer and composer-cli argument parsing into modules (bcl@redhat.com)
- Update composer templates for use with Fedora (bcl@redhat.com)
- Add new cmdline args to compose_args settings (bcl@redhat.com)
- lorax-composer also requires tar (bcl@redhat.com)
- Remove temporary files after run_compose (bcl@redhat.com)
- Add --proxy to lorax-composer cmdline (bcl@redhat.com)
- Pass the --tmp value into run_creator and cleanup after a crash (bcl@redhat.com)
- Add --tmp to lorax-composer and set default tempdir (bcl@redhat.com)
- Set lorax_templates to the correct directory (bcl@redhat.com)
- Adjust the disk size estimates to match Anaconda (bcl@redhat.com)
- Skip creating groups with the same name as a user (bcl@redhat.com)
- Add user and group creation to blueprint (bcl@redhat.com)
- Add blueprint customization support for hostname and ssh key (bcl@redhat.com)
- Update setup.py for lorax-composer and composer-cli (bcl@redhat.com)
- Add composer-cli and tests (bcl@redhat.com)
- Fix the compose arguments for the Fedora version of Anaconda (bcl@redhat.com)
- Add selinux check to lorax-composer (bcl@redhat.com)
- Update test_server for blueprint and Yum to DNF changes. (bcl@redhat.com)
- Convert Yum usage to DNF (bcl@redhat.com)
- workspace read and write needs UTF-8 conversion (bcl@redhat.com)
- Return an empty list if depsolve results are empty (bcl@redhat.com)
- The git blob needs to be bytes (bcl@redhat.com)
- Remove bin and sbin from nose (bcl@redhat.com)
- Update the test blueprints (bcl@redhat.com)
- Ignore more pylint errors (bcl@redhat.com)
- Use default commit sort order instead of TIME (bcl@redhat.com)
- Add lorax-composer and the composer kickstart templates (bcl@redhat.com)
- Update pylorax.api.projects for DNF usage (bcl@redhat.com)
- Update dnfbase (formerly yumbase) for DNF support (bcl@redhat.com)
- Move core of livemedia-creator into pylorax.creator (bcl@redhat.com)
- Update dnfbase tests (bcl@redhat.com)
- Convert lorax-composer yum base object to DNF (bcl@redhat.com)
- Use 2to3 to convert the python2 lorax-composer code to python3 (bcl@redhat.com)
- Add the tests from lorax-composer branch (bcl@redhat.com)
- Update .dockerignore (bcl@redhat.com)
- Update lorax.spec for lorax-composer (bcl@redhat.com)
- livemedia-creator: Move core functions into pylorax modules (bcl@redhat.com)
- Check selinux state before creating output directory (bcl@redhat.com)
- really kill kernel-bootwrapper on ppc (dan@danny.cz)
- Use Fedora 28 for Dockerfile.test (bcl@redhat.com)
- Enable testing in Travis and collecting of coverage history (atodorov@redhat.com)
- Remove -boot-info-table from s390 boot.iso creation (#1478448) (bcl@redhat.com)
- change installed packages on ppc (dan@danny.cz)
- drop support for 32-bit ppc (dan@danny.cz)
- remove redundant mkdir (dan@danny.cz)

This update has been submitted for testing by bcl.

4 years ago

This update has obsoleted lorax-28.11-1.fc28, and has inherited its bugs and notes.

4 years ago
User Icon pbrobinson commented & provided feedback 4 years ago

LGTM on IoT compose

This update has been pushed to testing.

4 years ago

This update has been obsoleted by lorax-28.13-1.fc28.

4 years ago

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BZ#1576733 Fedora 28: Can't boot ISO in s390x KVM

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