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FEDORA-2018-657b88690e created by jcerny 4 years ago for Fedora 26

Update to the latest upstream release

  • New features
    • HTML Guide user experience improvements
    • New options in HTML report "Group By" menu
    • oscap-ssh supports --oval-results (issue #863)
  • Maintenance
    • Support comparing state record elements with item
    • Updated Bash completion
    • Make Bash role headers consistent with --help output
    • Fixed problems reported by Coverity (issue #909)
    • Fixed CVE schema to support 4 to 7 digits CVEs
    • Fix output of generated bash role missing fix message
    • Fix oscap-docker to clean up temporary image (RHBZ #1454637)
    • Fix Ansible remediations generation
    • Add a newline between ids in xccdf info (issue #968)
    • Fix unknown subtype handling in oval_subtype_parse (issue #986)
    • Outsourced the pthreads feature check and setup
    • Speed up in debug mode
    • Refactored the Python handling in build scripts
    • Prevent reading from host in offline mode (issue #1001)
    • Many probes use OWN offline mode
    • Improve offline mode logic in OVAL probes
    • Do not use chroot in system_info probe
    • Prevent a segfault in oscap_seterr on Solaris
    • Out of tree build is possible
    • Use chroot for RPM probes in offline mode
    • PEP8 accepts lines up to 99 characters
    • New configure parameter --with-oscap-temp-dir (issue #1016)
    • Fixed OVAL record elements namespace and SEXP conversion
    • Removed '\r' characters from help output (issue #1023)
    • Full Python 3 compatibility
    • Removed basic Python implementation of oval_probes.c
    • Added support for Travis CI and Sonar Cloud
    • Minor fixes inspired by Sonar Cloud
    • Added Fedora 29 CPE
    • New tests in upstream test suite (offline mode, Ansible, etc.)

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4 years ago

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