FEDORA-2018-363d3f315b created by clime 6 years ago for Fedora 26
  • fix counting stat logic
  • use end_commit when building by copr-fedmsg-listener
  • update service file for copr-fedmsg-listener to use python3
  • add forked description
  • fix init_db
  • fix unittests (zlib.compress expects bytes, not str)
  • task queue info cleanup
  • fix initial build.source_status and chroot statuses for auto- rebuilds
  • remove some old python scripts
  • enable chroot for every project that follows branching
  • fix copr_url() template macro for custom method
  • remove Group tag
  • Shebangs cleanup
  • new custom source method
  • fix search page error due to missing graph data
  • add fetch_sources_only: True into build task defintion
  • add graphs of utilization
  • option to give COPR repository bigger priority (see #97)
  • grammar: s/duplicate a backend data/duplicate backend data/
  • Trailing ".git" is ignored when matching clone URL, so is unnecessary.
  • fix frontend by disabling doc generation
  • Accept webhooks from bitbucket.org.
  • Expand docs on how to find the correct Pagure hook setting.
  • fix typos
  • fixed status_to_order, order_to_status functions, added waiting icon
  • add indeces for faster build selection
  • add source_status field for Builds
  • implement the module buildorder logic
  • krb5: last iteritems()->items()
  • have .repo on the end of module repofile URL
  • set the gpg properties for module repo
  • Byecompile files in %%{_datadir} with python3
  • pg#191 When auto-rebuilding from push event, use a head commit hash
  • move run3_tests.sh into run_tests.sh, polish .spec a bit
  • fix run scripts under python3
  • frontend now presents the whole job queue state to backend
  • new generic web-hook
  • when passing URL with path, expect it in result; see ad9c3b4cc
  • remove outdated tests, see 3f62873
  • add index to build module_id
  • copy only module builds into the repo directory
  • generate the module NSV rather than asking for it
  • fix condition that all module packages were successfully built
  • remove outdated modularity code
  • fix baseurl for module repofile
  • build modules in all enabled chroots
  • implement submitting modules via URL
  • set default values for optional modulemd params
  • change module version to bigint
  • always have a known state of a module
  • have unique module nsv per project
  • build a module without using MBS
  • require to specify project when building module
  • add build to module relation
  • limit spec to python3 deps and switch application and scripts to python3
  • pg#188 COPR webhook doesn't work with branches
  • python3 conversion

This update has been submitted for testing by clime.

6 years ago

This update has been pushed to testing.

6 years ago

This update has been obsoleted by copr-frontend-1.129-1.fc26.

6 years ago

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