FEDORA-2018-1fff8aae87 created by robert 5 years ago for Fedora 27

Changes for jupp 38

  • fix issues pointed out by Coverity
  • musl says to not use <sys/termios.h>
  • fix opening files like +DESC
  • update autoconf infrastructure

Changes for jupp 37

  • fix syntax highlighting for Assembly and Java™: string termination
  • unbreak reformat block when raw octets are present
  • update to UCD 11.0.0
  • improve line generation / screen output code wrt. UTF-8
  • make UTF-8 decoding more robust
  • fix EXTRA_DIST
  • highlight .def and .dtx files as Tₑχ/LᴬTᴇΧ, .xsl (XSLT) as XML
  • handle .bin files as binary (no CRLF, hex editing)
  • improve shell grammar a little wrt. syntax highlighting
  • fix occasionally stuck CUA marking (LP#1677671)
  • do not lose the mark during some macros
  • add icons distributors may wish to use

Changes for jupp 36

  • fix too-wide prompt for ` (needs only 73 cols now)
  • make ^QV/^QP after ^K] work
  • fix Tₑχ/LᴬTᴇΧ highlighting on black-on-white terminals
  • don’t forcibly disable -highlight for NXC files
  • fix substitution of paths into generated files

Changes for jupp 35

  • rearrange the jupprc help cards, adding missing items
  • move isrch from ^[S to ^[T
  • add/prefer ^QT for delbol
  • move open from ^[b to ^]
  • fix massive allocation miscalculation typo
  • correct sizeof(a?b:c) where b=char[] misread as sizeof(pointer)

Changes for jupp 33

  • Fix several issues pointed out by Coverity Scan
  • Allow any char for {to,rv}match (goto next same in given direction)
  • Fix regression: ` did no longer insert a sole
  • Improved file type recognition
  • Render instruction to show online help as BLINKING BOLD to stand out
  • Let screen scroll back to the left on ^QL, ^B, ^KD, while in hex mode
  • Slightly safer saving of backup files, using fsync(2) if existent
  • Add new command “sync”, to use with save in key macro if desired
  • jupprc: add ^QV, ^[@, ^[! for better WordStar compatibility and move the previous ^[! to ^[' to match ^K'; fix eolmenu; replace bol with home for smarthome users; switch ^[? to show macros (matches WS), query moves to ^[/ (which was unused); ^U can abort menu and prompt (matches WS)
  • Add WordStar documentation references (this and most prev. by crb3)
  • Sync improvements across rc files

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2018-1fff8aae87

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