FEDORA-2018-1ece997db3 created by avsej 6 years ago for Fedora 27

API documentation:

  • CCBC-955: Parse uint32 as unsigned ints instead of timeouts. Some settings were interpreted as time values, while they should not (e.g. console_log_level, compression_min_size etc). This issue forced the library to misinterpret user input (converter was multiplying all values to 1000000, e.g. log level was always TRACE).

  • CCBC-957: Automatically disable SSL support, when OpenSSL is unavailable.

  • CCBC-954: Define EFTYPE error code if it does not exist. Fixes support of libuv 1.21 and higher.

  • CCBC-951: Remove experimental warning from subdoc API.

  • CCBC-948: Consider retry queue with only 0xb5 as empty. This allows a breakout from lcb_wait earlier (when application operates in synchronous style). The old behaviour, where lcb_wait does not breakout until the library gets the first successful configuration, still can be restored with lcb_cntl(..., LCB_CNTL_WAIT_FOR_CONFIG, ...).

  • CCBC-939: Optimize the performance of built-in tracer. It now uses sllist for tags container instead of Json::Value.

  • CCBC-958: Check tracing span tags argument more pedantically and return error if arguments are not valid.

  • CCBC-956: Combine operation id and name into single field in the threshold tracer.

  • CCBC-949: Do not hardcode libevent dependencies in DEB packages. Instead let dh_shlibdeps script to detect dependencies for each platform. This fixes useless dependency on libevent-1 for ubuntu 18.04.

  • CCBC-947: Fix build scripts for examples (when built with -DLCB_BUILD_EXAMPLES=ON).

And other small fixes and improvements.

How to install

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sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2018-1ece997db3

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