FEDORA-2018-0c99c36928 created by robert 6 years ago for Fedora 26

Prosody 0.10.1

See upstream's blog post at for a full overview of the release changes.


  • SQL: Ensure user archives are purged when a user account is deleted (fixes #1009)

Fixes and improvements

  • Core: More robust signal handling (fixes #1047, #1029)
  • MUC: Ensure that elements which match our from are stripped (fixes #1055)
  • MUC: More robust handling of storage failures (fixes #1091, #1091)
  • mod_mam: Ensure a user's archiving preferences apply even when they are offline (fixes #1024)
  • Compatibility improvements with LuaSec 0.7, improving curve support
  • mod_stanza_debug: New module that logs full stanzas sent and received for debugging purposes
  • mod_mam: Implement option to enable MAM implicitly when client support is detected (#867)
  • mod_mam: Add an option for whether to include 'total' counts by default in queries (for performance)
  • MUC: send muc#stanza_id feature as per XEP-0045 v1.31 (fixes #1097)

Minor changes

  • SQL: Suppress error log if a transaction failed but was retried ok
  • core.stanza_router: Verify that xmlns exists for firing stanza/iq/xmlns/name events (fixes #1022) (thanks SamWhited)
  • mod_carbons: Synthesize a 'to' attribute for carbons of stanzas to "self" (fixes #956)
  • Core: Re-enable timestamps by default when logging to files (fixes #1004)
  • HTTP: Report HTML Content-Type on error pages (fixes #1030)
  • mod_c2s: Set a default value for c2s_timeout (fixes #1036)
  • prosodyctl: Fix traceback with lfs < 1.6.2 and show warning
  • Fix incorrect '::' compression of a single 0-group which broke some IPv6 address matching
  • mod_dialback: Copy function from mod_s2s instead of depending on it, which made it harder to disable s2s (fixes #1050)
  • mod_storage_sql: Add an index to SQL archive stores to improve performance of some queries
  • MUC: Don't attempt to reply to errors with more errors (fixes #1122)
  • Module API: Fix parameter order to http client callbacks
  • mod_blocklist: Allow mod_presence to handle subscription stanzas before bouncing outgoing presence (fixes #575)
  • mod_http_files: Fix directory listing cache entries not expiring (fixes #1130)

Please also read the upgrade notes at if you are upgrading from 0.9.x.

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2018-0c99c36928

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