FEDORA-2018-0a7855714a created by dfateyev 6 years ago for Fedora 27


  • Add program exit in nfx.c after panic with correupt data file
  • Add missing size check when reading nfdump 1.5.x common record blocks
  • Add missing option -M in man page. Issue #103
  • Add Fix processing of influx URL in nfprofile
  • Add missing json output format in nfdump help text
  • Add missing -v option in nfreplay help text
  • Add new output format json. Print each record as individual json object
  • Add sampling elements ID 302,304,305. put them identical to ID 48,49,50
  • Add option to label filter terms. syntax: () %labelname.
  • Add %lbl option to print flow label in output
  • Add ipfix delta timestamp elements 158/159.
  • Add more detailed - softlink bootstrap
  • Add x-late src/dst ip aggregation, if compiled with NSEL support
  • Add ipfix sampling. Process option template/record with sampling elements 34 and 35
  • Update nfdump.1 man page for xsrcport & xdstport aggregations. Request #109
  • Update nfdump(1) man page for flowlabels
  • Update sflow code to commit 7322984 of
  • Merge pull request #51 Influxdb from Luca. Thx for the patch
  • Fix bug in sorting when guessing flow direction. Issue #92
  • Fix minor bugs
  • Fix definition for InfluxDB in Issue #98
  • Fix IPFIX time stamps - Fix elements #21,#22 offset calculation, but timestamps not yet evaluated. (#160)
  • Fix IPFIX add fwd status tag #89 compatible to v9 (1byte)
  • Fix IPFIX sampling - sampling algorithm no longer required for tag #34
  • Fix IPFIX sampling add tags #305 and #304 - set them identical to #34, #35
  • Fix header includes"
  • Fix 64bit fts compat issue in fts_compat.c
  • Fix potential memory leaks in nfpcapd
  • Fix wrong offset calculation if unknown options are found
  • Fix updates on existing samplers in v9 only if values change. issue 84
  • Cleanup sflow code - uncomment unnecessary code


  • Add support for CISCO IOS 8 bytes timestamps ID 21/22
  • Fix issue #72 - multiple stat output
  • Change -B behaviour as proposed in issue #59. Should not impact with previous use, but is more flexible
  • Add bzip compress switch in usage output of nfpcapd
  • Fix compile issues on some platforms
  • nfpcapd improvements - still beta software.
  • Minor bug fixes

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2018-0a7855714a

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nfdump-1.6.17-1.fc27 ejected from the push because u"Cannot find relevant tag for nfdump-1.6.17-1.fc27. None of ['f27-updates', 'f27-updates-pending'] are in [u'f22-updates-testing', u'dist-6E-epel-testing', u'f21-updates-testing', u'f25-updates-testing', u'f24-updates-testing', u'epel7-testing', u'f27-modular-updates-testing', u'dist-5E-epel-testing', u'f23-updates-testing', u'f26-updates-testing', u'f28-updates-testing', u'f27-updates-testing', u'f28-modular-updates-testing']."

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