FEDORA-2017-61ce990321 created by robert 6 years ago for Fedora 24

ImapTest 20170719

  • Added UIDFETCH state for doing UID FETCH 1:* FLAGS once
  • Handle "\Recent flag in multiple sessions" as a state error.
  • This also allows stopping on it with error_quit parameter.

ImapTest 20170619

  • profile: Use UID EXPUNGE only if UIDPLUS capability is advertised
  • profile: Don't create Spam/Drafts/Sent if they aren't used

ImapTest 20170612

  • tests: Allow testing for untagged BYE+disconnection
  • tests: Fix !sleep actually sleep

ImapTest 20170531

  • tests: Add !output <text with $variables> directive to print to stdout
  • tests: Add !sleep <time> directive</time>

ImapTest 20170505

  • tests: Support optionally existing untagged reply.
  • Using "? reply" instead of "* reply" does this. It's useful with ignore_extra_untagged:no.
  • tests: Fix ignore_extra_untagged error handling to reset between tests
  • tests: Add ignore_extra_untagged setting
  • tests: Allow "$" to skip over any imap arg
  • tests: Fix checking parameter count with $!unordered=n
  • It shouldn't include the $!directives themselves in the count. Fixes: Error: tests/foo line 3: Invalid list argument count, chain size=2

ImapTest 20170419

  • tests: Fix untagged reply handling with state:nonauth

ImapTest 20170418

  • tests: Allow LOGOUT command to be used in scripts.

ImapTest 20170215

  • Fix compiler warnings with 32bit time_t

ImapTest 20170131

  • global: Replaced all instances of memset(p, 0, sizeof(*p)) with the new i_zero() macro.

ImapTest 20170124

  • Removed unused variable

ImapTest 20170102

  • Fixed various bool vs. int mixups.
  • Found using Clang -Wstrict-bool.
  • Fixed lib_signals_set_handler() call: it takes flags, not a boolean.
  • Found using Clang -Wstrict-bool.
  • global: unsigned int:1 -> bool:1
  • Updated copyright notices to match the normal Dovecot style and included the year 2017.

ImapTest 20170101

  • Dropped IETF mailbox URL encoding in favor of Dovecot's lib/uri-util.

ImapTest 20161230

  • Adjusted to changes in Dovecot: lmtp-client moved to lib-smtp.
  • This way, imaptest no longer depends on dovecot-storage.so.

ImapTest 20161229

  • Adjusted to changes in Dovecot message part API.
  • Consolidated envelope parsing in one place.

ImapTest 20161219

  • user: Use var_expand in user_get_new_mailbox

ImapTest 20161218

  • Turn user format assert crash into a fatal error

ImapTest 20161216

ImapTest 20161213

  • Do not log error if UID(s) are missing in SEARCH if EXPUNGEISSUED is seen
  • Parse tests in ordered manner
  • This is to avoid problems if you want to execute files in test directory using some particular order.

ImapTest 20161104

  • Fully fix literal handling.
  • 13870004147e39accae9806eb332870bdf881816 broke some tests.

ImapTest 20161101

  • imaptest: include missing time.h header

ImapTest 20161031

  • Added missing mailbox-source-private.h
  • Added random_msg_size parameter to generate completely random garbage mails.
  • Code cleanup - move mbox-specific mailbox_source code to its own file.
  • Code cleanup - Hide struct mailbox_source to .c file.
  • Code cleanup: Don't refer to mailbox_source's istream directly while handling IMAP APPEND.
  • This allows creating other istreams what can be APPENDed.
  • test-exec: Don't assert-crash on invalid test file
  • Fix compiler warnings about write() return value

ImapTest 20161005

  • user: Dangerously silence -Wformat-nonliteral
  • Taking a format string from the outside world normally suicide. And the only thing worse than suicide is being persistently nagged about it.
  • However, the previous patch should mean that suicide is now impossible, so this really is just nagging now. (Even if it's possible to open up new holes in the future.)
  • conf: Sanitise format strings from tainted sources
  • Make sure the '%' expressions only have int type, and the quantity is no greater than the number of ints we'll actually be passing. %i is allowed in case people forget it should be %d. Only /%[0-9]*[id]/ is considered valid for formatting ints at this point.
  • This makes the previous dangerous patch that touched the username parsing not so dangerous any more.

ImapTest 20160902

ImapTest 20160701

  • Actually, never continue creating connection to a same user.
  • Even with 10% chance of doing it, it's a lot of them with high enough client counts. It also makes much more sense to just do it randomly. If you want to test multiple connections to the same user, just user a low enough user count and high enough client count.
  • Don't create so many concurrent connections to the same user.

ImapTest 20160518

  • Dovecot API change: buffer_reset() -> buffer_set_used_size()
  • Added a few missing items to .gitignore.

ImapTest 20160516

  • Avoid using o_stream_send_istream() return value.
  • Its API will change.

ImapTest 20160428

  • Added "msubs" test for randomly subscribing/unsubscribing.
  • Fixed assert-crash when timers overflowed after running for a while.

ImapTest 20160426

  • tests: Improved SEARCH FLAGS tests
  • This catches a bug in Dovecot <2.2.24.

ImapTest 20160208

  • tests/append-binary: Be more flexible with non-BINARY FETCH result
  • It's not necessarily base64 encoded. It's also possible that the result contains extra line feeds, like with Dovecot mbox.

ImapTest 20160118

  • Fixed append-binary test to actually work
  • tests: Added MULTIAPPEND test

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