FEDORA-2017-5bccb02f6e created by robert 7 years ago for Fedora 25

R55 is mostly a feature release with summary bugfixes:

  • Fix OS/2 search_access() and UNC path logic
  • Undocument printf(1) to avoid user confusion
  • Fix printf builtin -R option
  • Make ${var@x}, unknown x, fail (thanks izabera)
  • ${var=x} must evaluate x in scalar context (10x Martijn Dekker)
  • Fixup relation between lksh and mksh, reduce delta
  • Improve manpage display; add OS/2 $PATH FAQ
  • Fix bugs in manpage
  • Review tilde expansion, removing “odd use of KEEPASN” and introduce POSIX “declaration utility” concept; wait isn’t one
  • Add \builtin utility, declaration utility forwarder
  • Make $'\xz' expand to xz, not \0
  • Use fixed string pooling (requires the above change in host mksh)
  • POSIX declaration commands can have varassign and redirections
  • Add typeset -g, replacing homegrown “global”
  • Disable NOPROSPECTOFWORK, APEX is reportedly fixed now
  • Display ulimit -a output with flags; improve Haiku
  • Drop old let] hack, use \builtin internally
  • Fix padding in Lb64encode in dot.mkshrc
  • Move FAQ content to a separate, new FAQ section in the manpage
  • Add new standard variable PATHSEP (‘:’, ‘;’ on OS/2)
  • Fix LINENO in eval and alias
  • Fix “\builtin” on OS/2
  • Improve (internal) character classes code for speed
  • Fix: the underscore is no drive letter
  • No longer hard-disable persistent history support in lksh
  • Introduce build flag -T for enabling “textmode” on OS/2 (supporting CR+LF line endings, but incompatible with mksh proper)
  • Merge mksh-os2
  • Permit changing $OS2_SHELL during a running shell
  • Fix multibyte handling in ^R (Emacs search-history)
  • Allow “typeset -p arrname[2]” to work
  • Make some error messages more consistent
  • Disable UTF-8 detection code for OS/2 as unrealistic
  • Limit alias name chars to POSIX plus non-leading ‘-’
  • Expand aliases at COMSUB parse time
  • Make “typeset -f” output alias-resistent
  • Permit “eval break” and “eval continue”
  • Make -masm=intel safe on i386
  • Disambiguate $((…)) vs. $((…)…) in “typeset -f” output
  • Clarify the effect of exit and return in a subshell
  • Simplify compile-time asserts and make them actually compile-time
  • Fix ^O in Emacs mode if the line was modified (LP#1675842)
  • Address Coverity Scan… stuff… now that it builds again
  • Add test -v
  • Document set -o posix/sh completely

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2017-5bccb02f6e

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No regressions noted over the last day of use.

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7 years ago

This update has been pushed to stable.

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