FEDORA-2016-57a4d19445 created by remi 5 years ago for Fedora 22

Version 2.6.1

  • The PHP-supplied T_COALESCE token has been replicated for PHP versions before 7.0
  • Function return types of self, parent and callable are now tokenized as T_RETURN_TYPE
    • Thanks to Jaroslav HanslĂ­k for the patch
  • The default_standard config setting now allows multiple standards to be listed, like on the command line
    • Thanks to Michael Mayer for the patch
  • Installations done via composer now only include the composer autoloader for PHP 5.3.2+ (request #942)
  • Added a rollbackChangeset() method to the Fixer class to purposely rollback the active changeset
  • Fixed bug #940 : Auto-fixing issue encountered with inconsistent use of braces
  • Fixed bug #943 : Squiz.PHP.InnerFunctions.NotAllowed reported in anonymous classes
  • Fixed bug #944 : PHP warning when running the latest phar
  • Fixed bug #951 : InlineIfDeclaration: invalid error produced with UTF-8 string
  • Fixed bug #957 : Operator spacing sniff errors when plus is used as part of a number
    • Thanks to Klaus Purer for the patch
  • Fixed bug #959 : Call-time pass-by-reference false positive if there is a square bracket before the ampersand
    • Thanks to Konstantin Leboev for the patch
  • Fixed bug #962 : Null coalescing operator (??) not detected as a token
    • Thanks to Joel Posti for the patch
  • Fixed bug #973 : Anonymous class declaration and PSR1.Files.SideEffects.FoundWithSymbols
  • Fixed bug #974 : Error when file ends with "function"
  • Fixed bug #979 : Anonymous function with return type hint is not refactored as expected
  • Fixed bug #983 : Squiz.WhiteSpace.MemberVarSpacing.AfterComment fails to fix error when comment is not a docblock
  • Fixed bug #1010 : Squiz NonExectuableCode sniff does not detect boolean OR
    • Thanks to Derek Henderson for the patch
  • Fixed bug #1015 : The Squiz.Commenting.FunctionComment sniff doesn't allow description in @return tag
    • Thanks to Alexander Obuhovich for the patch
  • Fixed bug #1022 : Duplicate spaces after opening bracket error with PSR2 standard
  • Fixed bug #1025 : Syntax error in JS file can cause undefined index for parenthesis_closer

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2016-57a4d19445

This update has been submitted for testing by remi.

5 years ago

This update has been pushed to testing.

5 years ago

This update has reached 7 days in testing and can be pushed to stable now if the maintainer wishes

5 years ago

This update has been submitted for stable by remi.

5 years ago

This update has been pushed to stable.

5 years ago

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