FEDORA-2015-7318dfe341 created by remi 7 years ago for Fedora 23

Release 2.7.8 (2015-12-26)

  • bug #16864 [Yaml] fix indented line handling in folded blocks (xabbuh)
  • bug #17052 Fixed flatten exception recursion with errors (GrahamCampbell)
  • bug #16826 Embedded identifier support (mihai-stancu)
  • bug #17079 Also transform inline mappings to objects (WouterJ)
  • bug #17129 [Config] Fix array sort on normalization in edge case (romainneutron)
  • bug #17094 [Process] More robustness and deterministic tests (nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #17112 [PropertyAccess] Reorder elements array after PropertyPathBuilder::replace (alekitto)
  • bug #16797 [Filesystem] Recursivly widen non-executable directories (Slamdunk)
  • bug #17040 [Console] Avoid extra blank lines when rendering exceptions (ogizanagi)
  • bug #17055 [Security] Verify if a password encoded with bcrypt is no longer than 72 characters (jakzal)
  • bug #16959 [Form] fix #15544 when a collection type attribute "required" is false, "prototype" should too (HeahDude)
  • bug #16860 [Yaml] do not remove "comments" in scalar blocks (xabbuh)
  • bug #17002 [Console][Table] fixed render row that contains multiple cells. (aitboudad)
  • bug #16971 [HttpFoundation] Added the ability of using BinaryFileResponse with stream wrappers (jakzal, Sander-Toonen)
  • bug #17048 Fix the logout path when not using the router (stof)
  • bug #17049 Fix the logout path when not using the router (stof)
  • bug #17057 [FrameworkBundle][HttpKernel] the finder is required to discover bundle commands (xabbuh)
  • bug #17006 [Form] Fix casting regression in DoctrineChoiceLoader (bendavies)
  • bug #16915 [Process] Enhance compatiblity with --enable-sigchild (nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #16829 [FrameworkBundle] prevent cache:clear creating too long paths (Tobion)
  • bug #16921 Fix short array syntax for php 5.3 (ewgRa)
  • bug #16450 [Serializer] Fixed array_unique on array of objects in getAllowedAttributes. (CornyPhoenix)
  • bug #16757 [FrameworkBundle] [Translation] Fixed translations not written when no translations directory in update command (jeremyFreeAgent)
  • bug #16871 [FrameworkBundle] Disable built-in server commands when Process component is missing (gnugat, xabbuh)
  • bug #16870 [FrameworkBundle] Disable the server:run command when Process component is missing (gnugat, xabbuh)
  • bug #16742 [Console][ProgressBar] redrawFrequency should never be 0 (dritter)
  • bug #16799 Improve error message for undefined DIC aliases (mpdude)
  • bug #16825 [VarDumper] fix .sf-dump z-index (debug bar conflict) (Antoine LA)
  • bug #16772 Refactoring EntityUserProvider::__construct() to not do work, cause cache warm error (weaverryan)
  • bug #16753 [Process] Fix signaling/stopping logic on Windows (nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #16733 [Console] do not encode backslashes in console default description (Tobion)
  • bug #16312 [HttpKernel] clearstatcache() so the Cache sees when a .lck file has been released (mpdude)
  • bug #16351 [WIP] [Form] [TwigBridge] Bootstrap horizontal theme missing tests (pieter2627)
  • bug #16685 [Form] Fixed: Duplicate choice labels are remembered when using "choices_as_values" = false (webmozart)
  • bug #16705 [Form] Deprecated setting "choices_as_values" to "false" (webmozart)
  • bug #16695 [SecurityBundle] disable the init:acl command if ACL is not used (Tobion)
  • bug #16679 [Form] Disabled view data validation if "data_class" is set to null (webmozart)
  • bug #16676 [HttpFoundation] Workaround HHVM rewriting HTTP response line (nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #16668 [ClassLoader] Fix parsing namespace when token_get_all() is missing (nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #16386 Bug #16343 [Router] Too many Routes ? (jelte)
  • bug #16651 [Debug] Ensure class declarations are loaded only once (nicolas-grekas)

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2015-7318dfe341

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This update has been submitted for stable by remi.

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This update has been pushed to stable.

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