FEDORA-2015-15141 created by cicku 8 years ago for Fedora 22

2.1.0 2015-09-02


  • ZMap now filters out packets that are from the local MAC instead of only capturing packets from the local gateway. The prior approach caused valid responses to be dropped for a fair number of users.
  • ZMap would somtimes segfault if the number of threads was greater than the number of destination hosts.
  • ZMap did not crash when it was unable to write to the output file. This would cause ZMap to continue running when it was piped into another application and that application died. We not log_fatal if the output is no longer accessible per ferror.
  • Pcap filter captures outgoing packets.
  • Install overwrites blacklist file.
  • Output is sometimes colored.
  • Use correct email for Zakir in AUTHORS.
  • Random-number generator is now thread safe.
  • Finding a generator would crash with low probability.


  • JSON output uses underscores instead of hyphens.
  • Removes support for deprecated simple_file and extended_file options.
  • Rename redis module to redis-packed.
  • Probe module API takes user data argument.
  • Output to stdout by default.
  • Remove space in csv output header.
  • Build with JSON support by default.
  • Don't print blacklisted CIDR blocks to log. These are available in --metadata-file and end up flooding the log with a ton of metadata.
  • Remove type field from json output module and get rid of header.
  • Remove --summary. This has been replaced by --metadata-file.
  • JSON metadata now uses ISO-8601 compatible timestamps instead of proprietary log format.
  • Remove buggy and never officially-released DNS probe module.
  • Add icmp-echo-time probe module for measuring RTT MongoDB output module.


  • zblacklist (a standalone utility that allows you to efficiently check IP addresses against a zmap compatible whitelist and blacklist. This is helpful if you are doing something like cat list-of-ips | zgrab and to make sure that you're still following your blacklist.
  • ztee (a standalone utility that buffers between ZMap and ZGrab) and allows extracting just IP address from a larger ZMap output in order to complete follow up handshakes without losing any data.
  • Ntp probe module.
  • Status-updates-file (monitor output as a csv).
  • Add redis-csv output module.
  • Colored log output.
  • Add pf_ring and 10GigE support.
  • Optional app-success field output in monitor.

Fedora package is not built with mongoDB support due to missing mongo-c-driver.

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2015-15141

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