FEDORA-2015-13569 created by orion 8 years ago for Fedora 22

Update to 3.3.1:

  • ctest: fix add_subdirectory() crash
  • add_subdirectory: Fix error message on missing CMakeLists.txt (#15680)
  • Fortran: Store detected compiler version persistently (#15684)

Release notes appear below and are also published at http://www.cmake.org/cmake/help/v3.3/release/3.3.html

Some of the more significant features of CMake 3.3 are:

  • The "if()" command learned a new "IN_LIST" operator that evaluates to true if a given element is contained in a named list.
  • The "add_dependencies()" command learned to allow dependencies to be added to interface libraries. Dependencies added to an interface library are followed transitively in its place since the target itself does not build.
  • The "find_library()", "find_path()", and "find_file()" commands now search in installation prefixes derived from the "PATH" environment variable.
  • The "<LANG>_VISIBILITY_PRESET" and "VISIBILITY_INLINES_HIDDEN" target properties now affect compilation in sources of all target types. See policy "CMP0063".
  • A "<LANG>INCLUDE_WHAT_YOU_USE" target property and supporting "CMAKE<LANG>_INCLUDE_WHAT_YOU_USE" variable were introduced to tell the Makefile Generators and the "Ninja" generator to run "include-what-you-use" along with the compiler for "C" and "CXX" languages.

Deprecated and Removed Features:

  • The "ctest_build()" and "build_command()" commands no longer tell "make" tools to ignore errors with the "-i" option. Previously this was done for Makefile Generators but not others. See policy "CMP0061".
  • The "add_definitions()" command no longer causes a "DEFINITIONS" directory property to be populated. See policy "CMP0059".

This update has been submitted for testing by orion.

8 years ago

Taskotron: depcheck test PASSED on i386. Result log: https://taskotron.fedoraproject.org/taskmaster//builders/x86_64/builds/116527/steps/runtask/logs/stdio (results are informative only)

Taskotron: depcheck test PASSED on x86_64. Result log: https://taskotron.fedoraproject.org/taskmaster//builders/x86_64/builds/116527/steps/runtask/logs/stdio (results are informative only)

This update is currently being pushed to the Fedora 22 testing updates repository.

8 years ago

This update has been pushed to testing

8 years ago
User Icon ankursinha commented & provided feedback 8 years ago

Once I update to this version, cmake fails to find some boost libraries. Debug info here:


Downgrading to 3.2.2-1 finds them again.

This update has been obsoleted by cmake-3.3.1-3.fc22

8 years ago

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