FEDORA-2014-11806 created by remi 9 years ago for Fedora 21

From upstream announcement:

Symfony 2.5.5 has just been released. Here is a list of the most important changes: * bug #12016 [Validator] Added ConstraintValidator::buildViolation() helper for BC with the 2.4 API (webmozart) * bug #12031 [Validator] Fixed LegacyValidator when only a constraint is validated (webmozart) * bug #9453 [Form][DateTime] Propagate invalid_message & invalid_message_parameters to date & time (egeloen) * bug #12030 Fix expression language in the container when using the "container" variable (fabpot) * bug #12032 [Command] Set the process title as late as possible (lyrixx) * bug #11058 [Security] bug #10242 Missing checkPreAuth from RememberMeAuthenticationProvider (glutamatt) * bug #12004 [Form] Fixed ValidatorTypeGuesser to guess properties without constraints not to be required (webmozart) * bug #11904 Make twig ExceptionController conformed with ExceptionListener (megazoll) * bug #11924 [Form] Moved POST_MAX_SIZE validation from FormValidator to request handler (rpg600, webmozart) * bug #12002 [Security] [Firewall] Bug fixed in SimplePreAuthenticationListener when createToken() not return TokenInterface object (adenkejawen, fabpot) * bug #11079 Response::isNotModified returns true when If-Modified-Since is later than Last-Modified (skolodyazhnyy) * bug #11989 [Finder][Urgent] Remove asterisk and question mark from folder name in test to prevent windows file system issues. (Adam) * bug #11908 [Translation] [Config] Clear libxml errors after parsing xliff file (pulzarraider) * bug #11839 [FrameworkBundle] check if the Validator component is present when forms are enabled (xabbuh) * bug #11418 [JsonResponse] Silent only JSON errors (GromNaN) * bug #11937 [HttpKernel] Make sure HttpCache is a trusted proxy (thewilkybarkid) * bug #11970 [Finder] Escape location for regex searches (ymc-dabe) * bug #11837 Use getPathname() instead of string casting to get BinaryFileReponse file path (nervo) * bug #11513 [Translation] made XliffFileDumper support CDATA sections. (hhamon) * bug #11928 [Validator] The ratio of the ImageValidator is rounded to two decimals now (webmozart) * bug #11907 [Intl] Improved bundle reader implementations (webmozart) * bug #11874 [Console] guarded against non-traversable aliases (thierrymarianne) * bug #11799 [YAML] fix handling of empty sequence items (xabbuh) * bug #11906 [Intl] Fixed a few bugs in TextBundleWriter (webmozart) * bug #11459 [Form][Validator] All index items after children are to be considered grand-children when resolving ViolationPath (Andrew Moore) * bug #11715 [Form] FormBuilder::getIterator() now deals with resolved children (issei-m) * bug #11892 [SwiftmailerBridge] Bump allowed versions of swiftmailer (ymc-dabe) * bug #11918 [DependencyInjection] remove service parameter type from XSD (xabbuh) * bug #11905 [Intl] Removed non-working $fallback argument from ArrayAccessibleResourceBundle (webmozart) * bug #11497 Use separated function to resolve command and related arguments (JJK801) * bug #11374 [DI] Added safeguards against invalid config in the YamlFileLoader (stof) * bug #11897 [FrameworkBundle] Remove invalid markup (flack) * bug #11860 [Security] Fix usage of unexistent method in DoctrineAclCache. (mauchede) * bug #11850 [YAML] properly mask escape sequences in quoted strings (xabbuh) * bug #11856 [FrameworkBundle] backport more error information from 2.6 to 2.3 (xabbuh) * bug #11843 [Yaml] improve error message when detecting unquoted asterisks (xabbuh)

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2014-11806

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