FEDORA-2014-11178 created by aarapov 9 years ago for Fedora 21

Update to upstream 2.1-6. 20140913

This update has been submitted for testing by aarapov.

9 years ago

AutoQA: depcheck test PASSED on x86_64. Result log: http://autoqa.fedoraproject.org/report/1gxhk (results are informative only)

AutoQA: depcheck test PASSED on i386. Result log: http://autoqa.fedoraproject.org/report/1gxhl (results are informative only)

This update is currently being pushed to the Fedora 21 testing updates repository.

9 years ago

This update has been pushed to testing

9 years ago
User Icon sgallagh commented & provided feedback 9 years ago

This update breaks booting on my Lenovo T540p. It hangs at startup trying to run a start job on an LVM PV (which is part of a LUKS-encrypted partition).

This update contains the TSX disable change that Intel released for Haswell CPUs because TSX is broken. glibc in F21 defaults to using TSX for lock elision and it will explode if the microcode update is applied after it's running. The main solution is early microcode loading. Fedora isn't setup yet to do early microcode updates for F21 because we need to change things in the kernel and in the creation of the initramfs by default. See bug 1083716

User Icon cpanceac commented & provided feedback 9 years ago

This update prevents my / and /home and other from getting decrypted, thus making the system unusable. Also, it will of course be pulled in with today's netinst f21 reinstall.

User Icon lmacken commented & provided feedback 9 years ago

Broke booting on my T540p. Downgrading to -7 resolved the issue.

This update has reached a karma of -3 and is being unpushed and marked as unstable

9 years ago
User Icon jehane commented & provided feedback 9 years ago

broke booting on my HP zbook 14

User Icon mikhail commented & provided feedback 9 years ago

After update systemd-udev is crashed

On my ThinkPad x240 I too was affected by all the programs crashing with SIGILL trying to execute the XBEGIN instruction. After installing the latest firmware update from Lenovo, the CPU no longer advertises the "rtm" feature and everything works for me again.

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