Thanks for both of your testing. The two are different known issues.

For the perf conflicting issue, upstream is working on getting a libtraceevent as a standalone repo, so that perf and trace-cmd will both depend on it. I am working on a workaround for this before this is ready to go with both perf and trace-cmd upstream.

For the kernelshark issue, kernelshark need to be the same version (or a compatible version) with trace-cmd. kernelshark is now a separated package in Rawhide. And as it depends on the trace-cmd library to be compiled, I can only make an update to kernelshark after the trace-cmd workaround is done.

Hmm thanks for the report. I'll talk to the kernel maintainers.

Will you please add to this update?


I did not realized openbox-theme-mistral-thin-0-6.20170125.el7 was only built in my copr. Now added to this update.

Just changed the associaged bug number. For the desktop-lint messages, I think the icons related are just bug 1624474 so I won't deal with them yet, since the default Fedora LXQt theme for Fedora 29 should work fine with this fix.

This should be fixing rather than the one I added in 'bugs'. But I did not find a way to edit this Bodhi yet.

Thanks for the clarify. I will modify this erratum to make this more useful for users.

Hi @jankratochvil, This already removed the %systemd_user_post calls in the SPEC file. So in theory this is not enabled by default.

$ rpm -q grive2 grive2-0.5.0-13.20171122git84c57c1.fc28.1.x86_64 $ systemctl --user list-unit-files | grep grive grive-changes@.service disabled grive-timer@.service static
grive-timer@.timer disabled

So do you mean I need to totally remove the systemd user units?

This update has been unpushed.


did a quick test on trace-cmd {start,snapshot,stat,stop,reset} and works as expected. So +1 for this

BZ#1365951 Upgrade trace-cmd to at least 2.2.4 and possibly to 2.5.x

Generally works fine. Import user dict not tested.


Now I can install it in Fedora 24 x86_64

BZ#1361851 seamonkey require system-bookmarks which do not exists in Fedora 24