Doesn't the fix for CVE-2017-14929 cause an ABI break?

BZ#1424871 Review Request: xplayer - A generic Media Player
BZ#1424851 Review Request: xplayer-plparser - Xplayer playlist parser

Dependencies need updating:

-Requires:       pygtk2 python-caja vte pyxdg
+Requires:      python-gobject python-caja vte291 pyxdg
BZ#1420091 caja terminal not shown

Looks good now. Autostarts now only on KDE/Plasma, but desktop menu entry is available on other desktops.

BZ#1427707 kgpg now mistakenly autostarts on all desktops

OnlyShowIn was added to the desktop menu entry, not the autostart entry.

BZ#1427707 kgpg now mistakenly autostarts on all desktops

Please also consider testing, in which libpsl switches from libidn to libidn2 to match this update.

Successfully mock built gucharmap-9.0.0 for f24.

BZ#1357769 is missing

Successfully builds on both aarch64 and ppc64le.

BZ#1198704 cross-binutils package needs source update for ppc64le/aarch64

@anonymous only packages in RHEL Server are prohibited from EPEL. libgpod is a Workstation-only package and is therefore allowed.

This update has been unpushed.

I get the following at the conclusion of every mock operation:

WARNING: unable to delete selinux filesystems (/tmp/mock-selinux-plugin.oa0vuirp): [Errno 1] Operation not permitted: '/tmp/mock-selinux-plugin.oa0vuirp'

Requires: kde-runtime >= 15.04.1, but RHEL has only 4.10.5

Builds successfully on aarch64; previous epel7 version does not.

Builds and installs on aarch64.

BZ#1288296 rubygem-openscap is not compatible with EL 7.2

netcdf-fortran-4.2-16.el7 builds successfully on aarch64.

BZ#1290331 epel7 netcdf-fortran FTBFS on aarch64

Successfully builds and rebuilds itself on aarch64.

BZ#1285265 CVE-2015-8124 CVE-2015-8125 php-symfony: Session fixation and remote timing attack vulnerabilities [epel-all]

This netcdf does not have a dependency on libhdf5* where the previous did. Is that expected?


Builds and installs on aarch64.

BZ#1197148 icewm-1.3.8-5 does not build on ppc64le/aarch64

Builds and installs on aarch64, and subsequent build of anjuta succeeds.

BZ#1230218 libgda-5.1.2-2.el7.1.src.rpm used by EPEL7 does not support ppc64le/aarch64