The Open button and dropdown are there but yes they have changed. That's an upstream change though, so I don't know why that merits negative karma.

Contains the expected symlinks.

Thanks @ngompa, fixed permissions with a new build.

Do you want to file a BZ and attach it there?

Sorry but I still cannot reproduce this despite multiple attempts. Without more information, I am unable to advise further.

I remain unable to reproduce this, even with a clean install in a new toolbox, so it's not a missing dependency AFAICS. Perhaps it's an issue with an overly stringent firewall or selinux rule or the like?

ffmpeg -protocols lists rist under both Input and Output. Not sure how else to test this.

Not thrilled by the mbedtls dependency, but seems like we need this regardless. Is anyone working with librist upstream to move to a more mainstream crypto library?

BZ#2152402 Review Request: librist - Library for Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST) protocol
BZ#2120747 Please enable XV (XVideo) output device

I am unable to reproduce this error. On what desktop environment did you encounter this? Do you have the avahi system service running?



BZ#2142149 Please branch and build mozjs78 in epel9
BZ#2088279 Please branch and build file-roller in epel9
BZ#2142147 Please branch and build odt2txt in epel9
BZ#2142416 Please branch and build exif in epel9
BZ#2142144 Please branch and build gnome-doc-utils in epel9