BZ#1490652 nss-3.32.1 is available
  • About the non working video playback please file a bug.
  • There should not be nss/nspr dependency on updates-testing if the system is updated (dnf update nss nspr)
  • If some addons are not working they probably are not compatible with 55. We can't do much about it.

This should not depend on nspr update, which was undesired. See for details.

@hreindl Did you settle your difficulties? If not, please file a bug for that.



BZ#1404439 [Crash] Firefox immediately crashes after startup if crypto-policies is set to FUTURE

This update has been unpushed.

BZ#1343369 file default-bookmarks.html conflicts between attempted installs of fedora-bookmarks-24-1.fc24.noarch and astronomy-bookmarks-1-15.fc24.noarch
BZ#1224526 astronomy-bookmarks installed with firefox