Installed yesterday, work's fine and fixes my layout issue as expected.

BZ#1985811 xfce4-sensors-plugin 1.4.0 is available
BZ#1438773 vagrant plugin install not working due missing dependencies

No regressions noted on x86_64 Haswell

BZ#1417454 Add driver jc42 to support temperature sensors on memory modules

This doesn't fix #1374051 for me. See my comment there for details.

BZ#1374051 SELinux is preventing iw from 'write' accesses on the file /run/tlp/lock_tlp.

Works fine for me on Fedora 24

BZ#1293181 mumble-1.2.18 is available
BZ#1393591 Update mumble to latest upstream version

Works fine for me on Fedora 24. But the personal search engine changed to the default one. See upstream:

Not installable on F23 due broken dependency

I found the following regression: * Takes ~10 sec. after reboot and login to appear in notification area. * Takes ~2-3 sec to come up with a dialogue after right clicking the icon in notification area. Both worked instantly with xfce4-power-manager-1.5.2-6

I also experienced a segfault:

BZ#1339335 Update xfce4-power-manager to current upstream release
BZ#1338564 Update fails with "AttributeError: 'Base' object has no attribute 'sigCheckPkg' (36)"
BZ#1317719 seamonkey-2.40.source is available
BZ#1318592 seamonkey: 2.40 version release
BZ#1318593 seamonkey: 2.40 version release [fedora-all]

Working fine on two systems: One x86_64 and one i686

BZ#1278772 Empty brightness indicator
BZ#1278772 Empty brightness indicator