@jpenala: probably best to file a bug against the KDE component (or better: that particular app) so they add the Requires to the spec file. Thanks

@adamwill: I've added the lorax build now, thanks

@jpenala: yeah, if you have nothing requiring these packages then you can remove them. most of the X ones you wouldn't have used in the last decade anyway, they were just there because of bundling.

Added lorax, it had a hidden dependency on xorg-x11-server-utils, see

Thanks, swapped rgb out for a -40 version which should make the update path go smoothly

I'll need a bug report for the middle button please. Mouse buttons don't do pressure, so I'm not sure how this could be affected by a libinput update.

genodeftest: yes please. I haven't touched the keyboard code at all so I'm a bit baffled how libinput can break it

fwiw, I cannot reproduce this here with a virtual device so there's something weird about that specific device somehow. Please also attach an evemu-record of both event nodes for the USB keyboard for an interaction, just in case it decides to send absolute events or something too.

Are you saying that you have an extra mouse and touching that one makes the cursor jump? That's very strange. Can you file a bug for this please and attach the libinput debug-events --verbose output for that sequence. I'd really like to fix that upstream before 1.11 ships.

lepennec - where's the bug number? Also, giving negative karma because an update doesn't fix your specific bug implies you're trying to block any fixes until your issue is resolved. That's not a particularly nice way to go about it...

pushing to stable based on +6 karma and the bug reported by @yajo is an issue with another component

@yajo: yeah, if you can see the keys in debug-events then gnome will receive them (as a general rule: we don't really do anything with key events, so that's the thing in libinput to least likely get buggy :)

@yajo, do you have a bug number for me? also test with sudo libinput debug-events to see if the events are still being delivered

This update has been unpushed.

This update has been unpushed.

Unpushing because of a bug in the one patch we had over the previous version

This update has been unpushed.

@genodeftest Please file a bug, I can't think of anything in the 1.4 patchset that would break keyboards, we didn't really touch any of the keyboard code.

yes, should apply to all Huion tablets