I was on PTO Friday Feb 2. @yselkowitz @mkolar thanks for taking care of this.


Able to build rr-5.6.0-1.el9.src.rpm on x86_64 RHEL9 system after install the capnproto*.rpms

BZ#2095877 Please branch and build capnproto in EPEL 9

This new rpm fixes the segmentation fault encountered on pahole on


The code still gets a segmentation fault in line 1624 of dwarves_fprintf.c when fed . It attempts to do an access through a NULL pointer:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. 0x00007ffff7f7f0af in __class__fprintf (class=class@entry=0x555555676560, cu=cu@entry=0x555555563f90, conf=conf@entry=0x7fffffffb120, fp=fp@entry=0x7ffff7f66500 <IO_2_1_stdout>) at /usr/src/debug/dwarves-1.15-1.fc31.x86_64/dwarves_fprintf.c:1624 1624 tag_pos = cu__type(cu, last->tag.type); (gdb) list 1619 * BTF doesn't have alignment info, for now use this infor from the loader 1620 * to avoid adding the forced bitfield paddings and have btfdiff happy. 1621 */ 1622 if (class->padding != 0 && type->alignment == 0 && cconf.has_alignment_info && 1623 !cconf.suppress_force_paddings) { 1624 tag_pos = cu__type(cu, last->tag.type); 1625 size = tag__size(tag_pos, cu); 1626
1627 if (is_power_of_2(size) && class->padding > cu->addr_size) { 1628 int added_padding; (gdb)

User Icon wcohen commented & provided feedback on bcc-0.2.0-2.fc25 7 years ago

I installed the bcc rpms from update-testing on my fc25 x86_64 machine and was able to successfully run a couple of the tools such as ext4dist and biolatency from /usr/share/bcc/tools.


This updates resolves the problems reported in rhbz1358863.

BZ#1358863 Current fedora 23 systemtap does not work with the 4.6 kernel