This breaks some test suites and I don't think this is really necessary to have the most recent version.

This is going to make Ruby / RubyGems FTBFS:

Mostly FYI and if anybody else hits similar issues.

It was indeed the BZ#2027099. The -153 includes patch to fix this. @toshio thx once again for discovering this.

Och, good catch. Thx for testing. I'll take a look.

Disabled autopush due to negative karma provided for F35 build:

Just FTR, this makes rubygem-redis FTBFS. But it looks just the test suite is broken:

So this should include fixes for most of the broken packages. Enabling auto pushes again.

Apparently, several packages will need explicit IRB dependency replacing this transient dependency. Disabling the autopush for now.

As you said, this is expected behavior. IOW there are independent versions of the packages you have mentioned with higher NVR then the subpackages of the same name provided by Ruby.

This update has been unpushed.

@robatino Thx for the bugreport. However, the 117 -> 118 update happens only if you have enabled updates-testing. Since this update obsoletes the -117 update, it should not happen to anybody anymore, unless they installed -117 by the bad luck.

@mattf or maybe s/Why you take/How you get/

@mattf Why you take the packages from Bodhi when they should be available in updates-testing repository? Anyway, simply don't take rubygem-json and rubygem-rdoc from Koji, since we have independent packages for rubygem-json and rubygem-rdoc of higher versions, which you appears to have installed already.

Actually I was wrong, it is not public :( sorry for the noise.

@gpotts the comment in BZ should be accessible now.

This is from the bug:

The rubygem-rkerberos folks (Satellite) have been aware this was going to happen for several releases now. The rationale for dropping it in general is that we can't actually provide the guarantees that keeping the version locked means. In particular, with this change, we introduce a new admin plugin and there's a good chance that will leak into the kadm5 interface (which is not stable, nor do we guarantee it as such).

BTW the older versions of the package are still available in Koji:

@gpotts: Sorry for breaking CentOS 7.4, but unfortunately, there is no way around it :/ See for more information.

@roca: I can't reproduce. Also, the change should not really be related. Do you mind oper BZ tickets with more details?

Thx for the ticket. Just FTR, please be aware that even if the conclusion is to retire rubygem-rmagick, it can be retired just in F28+, not in the stable branches, where this update landed as well.