Tested on build of passenger 4.0.45 on EPEL 6 and it looks very good.

There is one issue yet: rubygem-mizuho requires newer asciidoc package with html5 filter. I've sent email to asciidoc package maintainer. rubygem-mizuho itself looks OK and produces nice output with the updated asciidoc. Giving +1, although we could wait for asciidoc package update.

I can confirm this version fixes #1002565. (although it looks like multilib globus-core is not needed on SL5)

32-bit version is missing in the testing repository for some reason. But by downloading and installing i686 version manually, I can confirm the #1002565 is fixed in this version.


I can confirm this version fixes #860260 and it's working.

Script glite-proxy-setup is broken. There is problem with wrongly detected distribution during build when building on RHEL.