Works good.

BZ#1329446 octave-4.0.2 is available

@sinnykumari: I think setting karma as 0 is enough to revert the voting back. You actually provided karma -1. Counters on bugs seems OK though.


Works fine on ZBook.


Works fine on HP ZBook.

Missing dependency on rubygem(json). But it may belong to rubygem-activesupport and let's get this package into F25 now.

This update has been unpushed.

It is crashing on RHEL 7. Patch to fix that is in upstream.

Everything looks good. Any details about the error or what's wrong?

It works even better under wine than the old native version in RHEL 7. Tested only 64-bit version.

"lossless" check OK, comparing results with the native version OK.

This update has been unpushed.

Problem with dependencies (json_pure is required, and there could be problem with the version anyway):

/usr/share/rubygems/rubygems/dependency.rb:296:in `to_specs': Could not find 'json_pure' (>= 1.8.1) among 6 total gem(s) (Gem::LoadError)

/usr/share/rubygems/rubygems/dependency.rb:296:in `to_specs': Could not find 'json_pure' (>= 1.8.1) - did find: [json_pure-1.6.3] (Gem::LoadError)

Works good (tested with rOCCI server from sources). SELinux needs to be disabled, but the same is valid for rawhide version.

Let's wait for rubygem-daemon_controller yet of course, but +1.


The provides are fixed in rubygem-daemon_controller, passenger installs nicely with enabled epel-testing.

I've updated only fedpkg, without the pyrpkg package. It may be needed to replace 'pyrpkg >= 1.33' by 'pyrpkg >= 1.42' in the requires.


Uploading new sources does not work. Command tried:

fedpkg new-sources ox-2.3.0.gem rubygem-ox-2.3.0-test.tgz):

Error returned:

Could not execute new_sources: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'distgit_namespaced'