Let's wait on the pocl rebuild until the maintainer responds to my question on FEDORA-2021-3925fa6655.

We rebuilt a pocl pre-release snapshot against llvm 12.0.0 before this update. Should we wait until this update goes stable to rebuild 1.7.0 against llvm 12.0.0? Or should we do it now and obsolete this update?

We're going to need to rebuild pocl, because a newer version was added to this update: FEDORA-2021-3925fa6655

Can you share the dnf output from when you installed clang?

Thanks for testing.

Actually we should just re-test once goes stable if that is the problem. I don't want to modify that update and reset the karma.

We might want to just add this into the llvm update for f28. f28 currently has llvm-6.0.0-rc2, but I think this build of Mesa was built while I had the llvm-6.0.0 override enabled.

This is the same issue as: I'm still not sure exactly why this is happening.


This was built against LLVM 5.0, which is not in stable yet, so this update should be held back until LLVM 5.0 goes stable.

Thanks, I've been trying to figure out what is going on here and it sounds like it might be some kind of bug with the composes. I may try push this to updates to see if it that repository has the same issue.

BZ#1431566 make check hangs on arm

The arm tests aren't hanging on f25, so they don't need to be disabled here.